Monday, June 2, 2014

Carefree Break Days

Days around here have certainly been a little carefree, yet still full.

Priorities are different and this is much needed break from the ordinary school days. We are enjoying these particular days!

Out-of-door has been a big part of our days. More than typical. The weather has been pleasurable for the outdoors, which is unusualMy allergies have been allowing me to play outdoor. I'm loving this awakening of being outside. I've had to lock myself inside for the last several years because of allergies.

I've been practically in engaged in Charlotte Mason and studying, researching, learning all that is possible.  My favorite resources that I'm currently immersed in include Learning and Living: Homeschooling the Charlotte Mason Way DVD set, free e-books from Simply Charlotte Mason, and Charlotte Mason Teaching Tuesdays

Not directly Charlotte Mason, but Sarah's Teaching From Rest goes along with CM because two our her audio companions are with Charlotte Mason home educators.

The pictures in this blog post where taken last Friday. We had some read aloud time outside and the boys played afterwards.

Now, today we start out summer term. Just a half day. It went well! The boys are now free to spend the afternoon in play. Caleb is moving rocks from an old flower garden and Tyler is helping. I get to finish laundry this blog post. I'm sure Charlotte Mason would be proud!

I wonder how long these splendid out-of-door days will last? (Said from the deck under the shade of a pine tree!) I'm getting use to sitting on the deck, listening to some wonderful pod cast, and watching the tea brew. Sure wish I had a hammock.

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