Friday, June 27, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday {June 27, 2014}

1) It has been a busy week, but peaceful (except when it took me all day to organize Caleb's history for next year, ugh!) and things have gotten done. There is just two of us home and I've enjoyed the break from house work!

2) Pam @ Everyday Snapshots has a new e-book out Plan Your Year: Homeschool Planning for Purpose and Peace! I've read it a and listened to the audio and recommend you do the same! Perfect for the new homeschooler and also for the seasoned one! It gave me some inspiration to get out of a planning rut that I was stuck in. The audios gave me some ideas and answered some questions I had for Sarah @ Amongst Lovely Things.  Be sure to check it out!

3) Tyler and I visited Caleb and Scott at Boy Scout camp last night. The boys got lucky and the temperature was in the 80s instead of the 90s this year! Tyler enjoyed using the climbing wall. We got to check out a massive pioneering project, visit, and we also attended a special camp fire. (Details about that later in another post!)

4) Some new Day Lilies are blooming this week. I just had to share since they are a favorite of mine! I'm impressed with the intense colors this year and the prolific amount of blooms on some of the plants! What is blooming in your gardens?

5) I had to move my little garden elf as he was looking lonely stuck just in the rocks!

 6) Plans for the weekend include some light house cleaning and working on school planning today. I will be enjoying the rest of the weekend spending time with my tired campers! It's been a long week and I'm sure they will want to sit inside and enjoy the AC!

7) Plans for next week include enjoying probably the last "relaxing" week of summer break! Things are starting to pop up on the calendar! I'll finish up the school planning since it's not looking like I will finish it today. Time at the pool and a small trip is planned.

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  1. Your boy is looking older in his scout uniform!


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