Friday, May 30, 2014

7 Quick Takes {May 30, 2014}

1) You know when I said in my last 7 Quick Takes 
that this week would be easy? So, I wasn't running around everywhere frantically although I was running around the house in a tizzy trying to check things off my to do list. And why, you ask? Because we start summer school next week! Does tizzingly around work, you ask? Sometimes! And I don't believe tizzingly is a word, but just pretend with me! Things are calmer today and the weekend should be too.

2) Some of my friends and I are trying to come up with a free weekend to do some scrapbooking and it is almost near impossible for three moms to find such a weekend or at least the same weekend. Looks like it won't be until mid-July and honestly there is other stuff going on, but we will have to work around it.

3) Just some pictures!

LOL! They were tired!

Spoiled! She isn't a fan of rain and sometimes gets let in when it rains (if she stay in one place). She slept here for two hours last Saturday while it rained.

4) Last week I said I had been pretty lucky in winning books, well I won again. Thanks to Meredith @ Sweetness and Light Merry Month of May Giveaway (and Hillside Eduction)! I decided not to enter a couple of other giveaways this past week because I was feeling pretty greedy! ; ) 

5) What have I've been reading this week? I finished Sarah's Teaching From Rest and I suggest you get it and read it too! I still need to listen to the audios. I got Free Range Learning by Laura Grace Weldon from the library this week and it is surprisingly ok. I've read a few chapter and it has some helpful information, but I'm glad I found it at the library and didn't buy it. I may not read it all but skip around and read chapters that interest me. I'm still reading the Simply Charlotte Mason free e-books too.

6) Who has my interest online this week? Another installment of Jen's Charlotte Mason Teaching Tuesday which makes me wish everyday was Tuesday! I told you I'm on a CM kick! 

7) Plans for the weekend and next week? Perhaps a few things from the to-do list. I need to do some weeding and cut down all the bloomed out iris stalks. No big plans so it should be a restful weekend which is much needed! We start our summer term next week. Three weeks with four half-day of school. I'm still wrapping up what we will be doing. Just planning to finishing up some things that didn't get completed, keep moving in math, and reading. Tyler is attending a day camp next week at the nature center.

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