Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Break aka School Planning Time! {planning progress}

This time of year is spent with countless hours preparing for the upcoming school year. I also do deep cleaning around the house (those projects that only get done once or twice a year)during the summer "break". Things are pretty hectic right now! I've forgotten about dinner every night this week! Today was the first time that I remembered to get something out. I'm rather looking forward to next week when I will have days to myself to work on planning and getting most of it done. I have a goal of being done by the end of next week.

This year I've ran across some many wonderful books, blog post, podcast, etc. that has has helped so much in my planning. I have linked to some of those recently and I will have links to more in my Friday blog post. I still struggle with planning even though this is our eighth year of homeschooling. My weakness is knowing how to get started and following an organized efficient planning schedule. I struggle a little with a considered book list (depending on the subject). My strength is that I usually enjoy planning since I'm typically an organized person. I like order!

So far our schedule of days for the school year is done! I have a start date, ending date, breaks schedule, etc. Of course as any homeschooler knows, this is subject to change due to whatever comes up. I feel confident in knowing we can stick to this schedule since we didn't have any major illness last year (praise the Lord!). That could always change! I did have a request to end our school year the same time as our public school friends. I need to get in an extra half week of school so I'm hoping the public school has about 3-4 days added onto their school year! LOL because that would mean a lot of snow days like this past winter! I don't have a plan B if that doesn't happen.

Our main focus will be Language Arts (mostly grammar and spelling for both and writing for just Caleb)for the upcoming year. I have yet to figure out how to go about this. I have the books needed, but I was getting a little out of hand in planning more than we can do. I'm creating anxiety with that! I'm going to need a new plan. 

I have changed plans for history with Tyler a few times already! I need to cut back Caleb's history work to accommodate the extra time we need for the LA focus. This is a little tough since I've spent a good amount of money on books for his history this year. Not a total waste as Tyler will use the books in the future. I hadn't bought any books for Tyler's history so the change was easy. I'm expecting the boys to do history independently this year and I'm curious (perhaps a bit afraid) how that will work out. 

I'm not 100% convinced for science plans for Tyler. I still need to put plans together for just about everything else, lol! Our booklist is made though. A considered schedule needs to be completed and I'm saving that for next week.

Now it's time to head to the pool and relax for a while!

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