Friday, June 20, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday {June 20, 2014}

1) Tyler's metal detector arrived yesterday. I can't tell you how excited the boy was! I took pictures of the exciting event so I'll just show you!

3)I  mentioned yesterday that I've been finding some wonderful planning inspiration around the web. Have you seen these yet? 
Pam's Homeschool Planning Pinterest Board

4)What's for dinner? I've struggled all week with dinner ideas. I'm not much in a cooking mood either this week. Does anyone have ideas for quick and easy on nights that no one really wants to cook? I always try to keep canned chicken in the cabinet for those evenings to make quick chicken salad sandwiches. I'm planning on going grocery shopping today and can't think of anything for meal planning!

5) I'm enjoying some blooming flowers this week! They look beautiful this year. I think it's because they got fertilizer the last year and this year. They had been mistreated prior. I just had to add in the third picture just because my little garden elf photo bombed the picture.

6) Plans for the weekend and next week? I have a date with Tyler today (I always take them out for a date after their yearly well visit)and he picked Dunn Bros. Coffee. The local Farmer's Market Saturday morning and then cleaning the house. Nothing much really planned for the weekend! Tyler will enjoy a sports day camp all week! The big boys have plans too. I need to finish all the school planning.

7) Caleb came home with a project. I'm not too excited about it. I'm not sure where they are going to store it! The boys are excited about it! Including Caleb's closest friend who is working on the same project in his garage too.

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  1. He looks thrilled with the metal detector!!

    1. He is and keeps asking to go out to use it. People keep giving him permission to come to their house and see what he can find. I think they are forgetting he is going to be digging holes in their yard, lol! So far he has found twenty-eight cents. He really thought he was going to get rich!


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