Saturday, March 1, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday February 28, 2014

1) It wasn't my intention to go this long without a blog post! Or miss the Friday deadline. Things have been a little busy, mostly scout stuff. We also haven't done anything exciting. I've been longing for some nature study! We can't get to our usual spot when it snows, but I long for a snowy nature study day! We've had some nice days with this crazy winter, but those days were already full or it was just too windy to enjoy being outside. The boys do enjoy being outside as much as possible at the moment.

2) We do have exciting plans for the weekend! We are expecting bad weather and we plan to be driving sometime during that time. We shall see how that turns out. I'll tell about it after the fact. Scott's one rule for blogging safety is not mentioning ahead of time when we won't be home. I'm not allowed to do this on facebook either. Makes sense!

3) It's been an exciting winter here, just like most of the country. I don't mind winter. I do mind all the nasty talk about winter. We live in a place that can get cold and snowy and people tend to forget. I usually try to refrain myself from telling them to stop complaining and move south, but I don't . . . . well maybe I just did!  ; )  I shouldn't be so judgmental! You will hear me complain about the wind in the coming months and I'm sure I will complain about the heat come summer. Honestly, I could move north or south. I assume the farther you go in those direction the more consistent the temperatures would be for the seasons. I would love that! Inconsistency is my biggest problem with the weather. For those that live far north or far south, and if my assumption is wrong please don't tell me. Love to dream!

4) Too much free time? It's hard to believe that we don't have enough school work scheduled during the day! Last fall we couldn't get everything done and it became stressful days. Now Caleb is complaining that he is getting bored. Now he doesn't want me to schedule more school work but increase his allotted screen time. I'm fixing this by slowly adding in new stuff each week and hoping they don't notice anything but the not being "bored" in the afternoons. Next week we are adding back in the Life of Fred books. Caleb will start the Fractions book twice a week independently and Tyler will finish up Farming on his own. I also bought Meet the Masters from Homeschool Co-op and will be doing that once a week with Tyler (will see if Caleb wants to join us). I added in some more bible reading for Lent too. Ok, it looks like I'm adding in a lot this coming week and the boys may notice!

5) We are currently in a 7 weeks of a scouting event every weekend. These events take anywhere from an hour to almost the whole weekend. Some require all 4 of us and other just two of us. This is not ideal as we are starting to feel burned out. This doesn't include all the other work we do in helping to run the pack. Helping with the Troop is not much since the Pack is our main focus at the moment. We are currently looking forward to July when there is nothing going on with scouts!

6) Near future plans? I'm going to figure out how to use Evernote and use it for school planning. I may do that this weekend . . . . did I mention it's already Saturday afternoon? Well, maybe Sunday anyway! If not, it's on my to-do list.

7) I'm looking forward to the Lent and Easter season! I've been checking out blogs and reading what others are doing. Lent is usually kept simple here. I'm hoping to have a (small) blog post about what we do. Really I encourage you to get ideas from others as I just steal everyone's good ones and we don't do too much. I'm interested in discovering some new meatless meals. Honestly, I'm tired of frozen fish sicks every Friday. It's not healthy either, but cooking fish is something I don't want to do. I may try some our our favorite soups without the meat with a vegetable broth. What are your favorites?

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  1. I would like to know how "Meet the Masters" goes. We read Life of Fred as well, which reminds me, I need to order the next set. We just finished "Dogs." Have a great week and safe travels!

    1. I believe Educents has a special on LOF right now. I ordered the elementary set from Rainbow a year ago and I believe it was like getting one book free, but I don't think they offer that anymore. They have great resale value though! I've decided that once read we are going to sell them and I had many local friends that wanted them. I sold them for 50% off the retail price and I'm sure I could have gotten more. Because of this I may buy the intermediate set for my youngest.


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