Saturday, October 3, 2015

Early Fall Nature Study {October 2, 2015}

I think fall is here. With that we were able to get out to our favorite place (the family farm) for a nature hike. 

Typically, summer nature hikes don't happen because it's hot, many bothering insects, and the grass/weeds are too tall and release too much pollen. Now most of that is gone. I did get into a nest of the tiniest seed ticks I've ever seen.

The sun was out when we left the house. On the short drive to the farm it had become cloudy and extremely windy. It was cold and I wanted to go back home. But, we bundled up and headed out anyway. 

All of my pictures from the nature hike are dark from all the clouds (and we were in the woods, but the sun would have helped a lot).

We picked a trail that we haven't been on since early spring. But, we went left instead of right this time which led us to a popular trail that brought us to Uncle Kevin's creek. Since the creek was dry we decided to walk the creek until we hit the next trail head. 

It was a wonderful hike! We had never done this before so the dry creek bed held many surprises for us to find. It wasn't the easiest walking but I surprising never fell, on my camera, which was my only worry. We studied much geology on this "trail". This was the perfect walk to go along with the book Rocks, Rivers, and the Changing Earth that Tyler has been reading. Completely unplanned connection on my part but I assume Holy Spirit led.

Even Lucy was interested in all the geology. ; )

We were wondering what sleeps under there. The only water we found and it was loaded with creatures.

We eventually found another trail that would take us back up the hill and to our starting point. By that time the sun was back out and the wind had died down a little. 

I sat by the lake (in my hammock) listening to a podcast while Lucy took a nap and chewed on a stick. The boys went to start a fire for some warmth but mostly for marshmallows.

Scott joined us after work for some fishing. Scott was the only one who caught a fish (which we ate with dinner). Lucy loves fishing too. The boys also roasted marshmallows over the fire they had made.

It turned out to be a beautiful day for some nature study at the family farm.

Tyler, the rock collector, carried this large rock on  most of the nature hike.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real {October 1, 2015}

I'm linking up with Like Mother Like Daughter today. I've gotten behind on blogging so I thought this would be an easy way to get pictures posted on the blog since they are piling up. Plus, I haven't linked up with {phfr} in a long time.

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 Pictures from our vacation to Pensacola Beach Florida. Plus some miscellaneous pictures.

Fort Pickins

Tyler before he lost both his sunglasses and goggles in the ocean.

Perhaps if the US military didn't encourage people not to read about history we would have avoided many repeat problems we have today. This poster was at the aviation museum in Pensacola Florida.

First time we have ever seen a ground hog in the yard. Lucy barked at it and scared it into the neighbor's tree.

Tyler is halfway through cross country season. This was from his first meet at Cole County Park.

We had a caterpillar turn to butterfly right at the front door. There was also one on the dead flower by the door.

Hay bale jumping at the family farm. Tyler with Lucy here.

More hay bale jumping with Caleb this time

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