Sunday, November 20, 2016

Weekend Ramblings {November 19, 2016}

I devoted some time to the blog this week to try and catch-up and get some post up. I accomplished Review of Term 1 and  Fall Nature Study. I decided to finish the week with a Weekend Ramblings.

Things have been moving swiftly along over here. I work very hard to keep the calendar not full so that when it's out of my hands we can enjoy a full calendar and not be too stressed. We are certainly in a low and have been catching up on the stuff that gets put aside during a busy season.

We are down a car after an unfortunate collision with a deer.

In some what related news, it's deer season here and the boys have been out hunting to fill the freezer. Caleb got a unique one Friday afternoon. It had white socks on each leg and white on it's nose. Picture quality is low, but you might be able to see it. I don't have much taste for the meat, but I'll eat it. We typically ground some of the meat for soup and to make jerky. I do like jerky (actually goose jerky is my favorite).

We will be enjoying an "almost" break week from school to celebrate Thanksgiving this week. I'm calling it a make-up week to pick up a few readings the boys are behind in and to get ahead in a few since I think the last week of school before Christmas break will be cut short.

I'm really behind in Christmas shopping. I typically like to be mostly done by Thanksgiving or at least have a good list made and waiting for sales. I've barely started! I went with my mom and aunt to do some shopping on Friday afternoon in hopes to find some things for my mom to give me for Christmas and we came home empty handed. I spent a couple of hours online trying to find these items I'm wanting and still haven't found them. I'm really a little sticker shocked! I did purchase two items off Amazon over the weekend to give and enjoyed hitting the slow shipping button to build up some ebook credits since they are not needed until Christmas.

Some of my favorite things on the web recently:
~ Jen @ Wildflowers & Marbles has her annual Advent Booklet out for this year. This is always my favorite for making Advent plans. 
~ Celeste @ Joyous Lessons has one of my favorite type of post up This Year's Paper Plans. I get excited about those types of things!
~ Masterly Inactivity advice from Brandy @ Afterthoughts

What are you liking on the web lately?

What I've been reading~
My fiction list is just keeping up with the books the boys are reading. I'm working on Count of Monte Cristo, Pride & Prejudice, and Wind in the Willows. For teacher training I'm reading through volume one of Charlotte Mason. I've read parts and pieces of all her books, but I'm ready for a run through of them in order this time. I have a few others on my need to read pile, but I think I won't add anything to my list until Christmas break. Perhaps I will just read through Christmas break. A girl can dream! 

What are you reading?

Advent Planning~
The Advent season kicks off next Sunday. I'm looking forward to pulling out the box of Advent decorations. I probably should clear a little room for those during the week to make it go smoothly. Besides some family time and decorating next Sunday, I will enjoy my favorite Advent song O Come, O Come Emmanuel performed by The Piano guys. Wait until Sunday, then click on that link and enjoy! I'll be working on an Advent plan this week. Our tradition is that there is no tradition. We do things a little different each year. This is were keeping a blog comes in handy. I just need to click the Advent label on the right hand side to tell me what we have done in the past.  ; ) 

Plans for next week~
I really thought I would be working on cleaning projects, but I think I got those all done during the last break week. Happy!! So, reading, Advent planning, and Christmas gift buying is on my list for next week. I'm hoping to work on my Advent Morning Basket plans, too. The boys will probably do three half days of school. I plan to relax after Thanksgiving!


Friday, November 18, 2016

Fall Nature Study {2016}

We made a couple of trips out to the usual spot for some nature study over the past month. I didn't get around to writing about them, but I did find some pictures on the camera and wanted to get those up on the blog. I like to use this blog as family scrapbook.

You're never too old to play in leaves. I encouraged the boys to go find rakes and enjoy. And they did!

On one of our visits we went to visit Frog Pond and found a green mess. Lucy thought it was fun to swim in! She came out green! Yuck!

Acorns seemed plentiful this year.

One of my favorite views when sitting at the lake (I love the grass color)!

You know you've waited too long for nature study when Lucy goes crazy and can't seem to stop running!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Review of Term 1 {2016-2017}

We are three weeks into term 2 making my term 1 review a little late. I was struggling to write a recap of our term because it's all been written before in the School Ramblings.

I updated our original book list to include the plans for the whole year. I originally just had term 1 plans and was going to do a post each term afterwards too. I decided to just do one post this year. You can find the update post for our book list for year 10 here and year 7 here .


Thinking back, Tyler said his favorite book was Call of the Wild with the reason, "It wasn't boring." Tyler's least favorite book was Everyday Weather. Tyler thought he didn't learn anything from this book, and the book wasn't good at teaching weather. I only read parts of that book and I wasn't too impressed either. Tyler gave mixed reviews of America Moves Forward. He thought it, "was a good book and kind of explained what's going on, but the chapters were too long." (I'm enjoying this book and don't think the chapters are too long.) Tyler's favorite Morning Basket book was Carry On, Mr. Bowditch. His least favorite MB book was our Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet. Tyler's response was, "I don't like plays." 

Hmmmm . . . . . on to Caleb's thoughts of term 1.

Caleb enjoyed The Count of Monte Cristo because it was a "good book." He equally enjoyed History of the American People. Caleb is enjoying the American Revolution time period. Caleb's least favorite book was Brother Astronomer: Adventures of a Vatican Scientist. The science of this one is beyond his understanding at this point. I agreed with his review, but I'm enjoying Brother Guy's story and can leave behind all the science I don't understand. Caleb was not a fan of any of the Morning Basket selections this term.  : (

Lucy running laps around me while I read by the lake.


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