Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Celebration of 10!

We finally were able to celebrate Tyler's 10th birthday this past weekend. He wanted a camp out at the family farm. He was a little sad when no one wanted to camp out with us, but he did enjoy family coming out for a weenie roast and fishing. 

The birthday boy with his cake. Notice his finger in a cup of ice from a burn. He is fine, but does have a small blister now.

Setting up camp!

I got the signs and tableware from Oriental Trading.

Tyler enjoyed Kayaking, swimming, and fishing in the lake.

I copied Tyler's campfire cake from Jessica @ Shower of Roses. (Be sure to add Jessica to your prayers as see has suffered a great loss.) Tyler also wanted s'mores.

Tyler with his goodies. He asked for cash to buy a metal detector. With his birthday money and some he was saving, he had enough to order one!


  1. love the campfire cake! you had a nice weekend to camp. now it's crazy hot!

    1. We did get rained on briefly Sunday morning, but so glad the weather was pleasant Saturday!


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