Saturday, May 30, 2015

Weekend Ramblings {May 30, 2015}

 The older I get the less things I can have going on at once. Some would say this a negative of aging. I think perhaps it's a gift of maturity. I work on less, spend more time working on one project, and those projects turn out much better. Anyway, that is my wishful excuse of why I have not been blogging (but you shouldn't expect an awesome post).  ; )

From green to gray blue.

What's been going on around here? Finally got some painting done! I'm excited about it. The kitchen color didn't turn out the gray that I thought it was going to be so we decided not to paint the rest of the house that color (living room and hallway to bedrooms). I love the kitchen color though.

Lucy gate to prevent her from licking the walls. At least that is what I thought she would do. Turns out she will lean against them.

We just went to Lowes and pick a color on the spot for the remaining painting. When I got home I realized that it wasn't as dark as I wanted but too late at that point. It turned out pleasant though. Lighter than before so it has really brightened up the place (don't need lamps in the evening as soon as we use too) and feels like a new place. I loved the color we had before (dark, warm and cozy kind of feeling) but I'm loving the change . . . new season of life.

Caleb was a big help. Love a teenager in the house!

It's not white but a boring beige instead. Lighting is horrible in this picture. The hallway is the about the same color as the new color and what is being covered up is much darker than that hallway.

We have yet to hang anything back on the walls. I want a different arrangement and haven't thought about that yet. I think I'm going to have to purchase something new too. There was a lot of blank space before painting. I have these curtains from Target in navy blue on order. I wasn't expecting to replace curtains but a blind broke and I decided to replace it with a curtain which then led to all new curtains so they would match. I did have coupons and got a good deal. 

It has been rainy here this spring and we have not made it out to our favorite nature study place very often. We did go during our first week of summer break and took along some friends. Fishing, metal detecting, and games were all enjoyed (all share more pictures in my year end review post). The geese are no longer at the lake and I didn't get a picture. Maybe next year?

We've had two weeks of summer break and it's been busier than expected (and wanted). I'm worried this is going to be the norm, which would be my fault for putting off appointments until summer break. I think it will clear up the end of June and into July. 

Iris blowing in the wind.

We did make it out to the farm last Saturday to play around a little. Scott took his duck boat to make sure all leaks have been fixed. They have. Now he just needs a spot to store it until next duck season (it currently sits in the yard . . . .).

Lucy insist on going for a boat ride but they make her nervous.

Weekend goal: Finalize book list for next year and order books. Completed!!! This has been a long time coming. Next is to start pre-reading those books. I have a whole week in June planned (nothing on the calendar!!) to sit down and plan out those book readings, make a schedule, put dates on the calendar, and other details. I'm waiting until then to pick our school start date (mid to late July). Anyone want to make some guesses on how many snow days the public school will be using next year so that I can plan our end date too? My boys insist of ending the same day as them. It's the least I can do to give them that since we start much earlier. 

Iris blooming was here and gone. I struggled to get any good pictures. It was either cloudy, windy, raining, or all of the above. I thought I would share a few since I always do. Day Lily season will be here very soon!

More blowing in the wind!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Still here!

We have just been a little busy finishing up the school year. One more week to go! I'm sure I'll be more talkative after that.  ; )

Quick updates:
*Goslings at the family farm! We saw three (very small) and it looked like more eggs would hatch. Maybe we will get to go out some time this week and check in on them. We didn't get pictures because we did not want to bother them anymore than we did. How about pictures of a Robin's nest that we have been watching outside the living room window (in the neighbor's tree)instead?

*Part of the painting project is done. Kitchen/dining room painted in record time (it helps having a teenager in the house even though I felt like I had to walk after him and clean up paint drips, lol!). One problem though! My gray is blue! I like it but I had planned to paint the living room and hallway the same color and I don't want this color in those areas. On to plan B for the rest of the painting.

*Spring turkey season is over. Two for Scott and zero for the boys. I found these pictures hilarious of Scott, turkey #2, and Lucy. I've included some captions on these photos because I know exactly what the dog is thinking. I'm good at knowing what is going on in the head of (naughty) children and puppies. Just ask the boys!

"I know you told me not to lick it, and I'm trying hard to obey, but any chance you have changed your mind?" Lucy says while licking her lips. Scott simply replies, "No, Lucy."

I may look happy, but I'm deathly afraid of that large creature. I'm hoping this is not the thing I'm expected to retrieve when I'm older . . . .  I wonder if I could sneak in a lick?

Are you sure I can't have one lick?

*Our Boy Scout Troop held a Court of Honor last week. Tyler received his first rank in Boy Scouts. Caleb received his Life Scout rank (Eagle is next!!). Tyler was embarrassed that he was suppose to kiss his mother to receive his rank . . . . awkward photos! Caleb didn't look too happy about it either.

* Tyler got a new hamster. He named him Humphrey. I was really worried about getting another hamster since I had one as a kid and it was not a good pet. The last one Tyler got was perfect (squeaked when we where holding it if it needed to go to the bathroom. Seriously, it was hand trained!). I think we may have gotten lucky again. Humphrey seems well mannered. He was named after the hamster in a series of books about the adventures of a classroom hamster. Tyler originally wanted to name him Hammy Junior but it just didn't feel rightWe talked him out of Fluffy, Golden, and Jeffrey (which is fine name for a man or a giraffe but not a hamster) and then Tyler remembered his favorite hamster character! Close one!

What have you been up to lately?
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