Thursday, July 3, 2014

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I thought I would try a new link-up today!

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I'm loving the flower gardens this year! The colors are vibrant and the blooms are prolific. Perhaps the garden elf would do better under funny but today he is pretty! 


Zebra is a wonderful pet. I think he thinks we are good pets too! He makes us all happy, which I guess is his purpose.

The weather is much cooler this week (below average) and this reminded the boys to get their bows out for some practice.

The boys are really enjoying running. Caleb runs through our small town with a running club while Tyler runs on the school track. Tyler can run two miles, but not at the pace with the bigger boys (and girl) so he stays on the track for now.


The cat sure thought bow practice was play time! He wouldn't follow any of the safety rules (he is not behind the shooter) and kept trying to get Tyler's arrows. Tyler was getting upset! I didn't get a picture of it, but Zebra was jumping up trying to get the arrow while Tyler was trying to shoot. I told you that cat wouldn't follow the rules!


School is starting soon (July 15th)! I'm still not done planning. The end is in sight though and today I plan on writing in assignments into the boys planners and working on a schedule (and making sure we have enough time for all that I have planned). This weekend I will put everything away and get all ready for the first day (like sharpen the pencils!). I plan to do nothing school related next week!

The garden has also been vibrant and prolific which has left us with a plentiful crop. We've had fresh green beans twice this week and there is enough for another meal. Tyler and I ate a total of 2-3 cucumbers daily last week. We are happy that Scott and Caleb are home to bring that number down. Scott made pickles this week, which was a first for us. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all these peppers. I may share them at the family Fourth of July celebration, tomorrow. There are a few more in the frig! No tomatoes yet! Family has been sharing Zucchini with us and I have a few loaves of bread in the freezer from that and I have a new recipe I want to try. I'm sure I'll be able to get some more Zucchini tomorrow or at church on Sunday (one family always brings their extra produce!).

round button chicken


  1. where did you get the planners?

    1. I got them from Mardel. They also have a teacher planner too. They are really nice!


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