Sunday, December 15, 2013

"Most" Post of 2013

I'm linking up with Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things for "Most" Post 2013 {link-up}.

I don't do any major blogging and I usually just blog about what it going on around here, but I wanted to take part anyway!  ; )

My post with the most clicks: 2013-2014 Curriculum Plans Seventh Grade

Post with the most comments: Advent Plans 2013

Post with the best picture:Late September Nature Study. Picking this one was hard. This post and another had some of my favorite pictures. I love this one of my boys!

Post that was hardest to write: Living Liturgy

Post that is my personal favorite: First Friday in September Nature Study


  1. I like your nature study post too. In fact I like the photos on both nature study posts very much. You have a great eye for capturing details.

  2. Living Liturgy has indeed been a real challenge, to dig deep and make decisions. I understand why it was hard to write.

    1. Yes! It was also hard to reveal things we do and don't do and our goals in the matter. It feels like personal details that I wasn't sure if I wanted to tell. Yet, it's a good post to go back to and remind myself of our path. I know I benefited from reading others on this topic.

  3. I enjoyed your Living Liturgy post, so I'm glad you wrote it! :)thanks for linking up.


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