Saturday, December 21, 2013

Our Third Week of Advent {2013}

The third week of Advent started out with a very busy Sunday! Besides Sunday morning Mass, we had an Eagle Court of Honor to help with and attend for a family friend and a church Christmas party right after that. At least they were at the same location.

Goof balls!

Books we read this week:
* The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey by Susan Wojceichowski (from our local library)- This was the first time we read this book and Tyler enjoyed it. Most likely it was the wonderful illustrations. It is a nice little Christmas story with a typical story line (harden heart turns soft by a child).

* Christmas Tree Farm by Ann Purmell- I picked this book out from our local library because it fit in with our science reading. It contained good basic information on how a Christmas tree farm is ran, but the writing is blandThe illustrations were humorous though. 

*Finished up Kersti and Saint Nicholas by Hilda Van Stockham-I truly enjoy the writings of Hilda Van Stockham and she pleased me again with this story. The boys enjoyed it, but it wasn't their favorite.

* Finished up How a Christmas Tree Grows.

Typically of my boys, they finished up their school work a day early to extend their Christmas Break.

We have pretty much kept up with our Jesse Tree. Weekends don't happen though. We watch the videos from Holy Heroes and the boys color the ornament. This week the ornaments didn't happen though. Tyler is tired of doing the ornaments and our tree is pretty full. I think I will buy some ornaments for next year because it doesn't look like I will get the boys to make one for each day.

On Thursday we worked on making salt dough ornaments. The first recipe I used was a dud, but I was able to find another recipe and still had enough salt and flour left and it made a perfect batch! I sprinkled the ornaments with glitter that I had left over from a craft project from last Advent. The recipe said bake for ten minutes which I'm sure is a typo. I baked mine for 45 minutes and they still needed to sit out and dry over night (still not completely dry two days later).


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