Friday, December 6, 2013

Seven Quick Takes Friday {December 6, 2013}

1) I really was planning on taking some family pictures (the above header is a year old now) on the "next nice day" and those days just passed and I missed it. Maybe some pictures in snow and cold this weekend! It's 18 degrees here in Missouri at noon!

2) Tyler let me take some pictures of him this week.

"No mom! I'm not going to smile!"

3)Finally accomplished something I saw on Pinterest and made mailboxes for everyone in the house to write letters back and forth. I just hung brown lunch bags on the bedroom doors with double sided tape. The rules are you have to write at least one piece of mail a day. And there is no peaking into your box until bedtime. Mail can be read at bedtime and letters need to be delivered during the day. Everyone's mailbox was very full on the first day. My intention was to get the boys writing just a little more and work on improving that skill. I also thought sending "love notes" to all my boys would be a nice gesture. I also included thank yous and to let them know that I noticed when they showed good character during the day.

4) I believe all the Christmas shopping is done! I'm pretty excited about that!! I did a lot online this year. It's just easier. I do want to support local stores, but inventory is lacking in our area so I feel forced to shop online at times.

5) Our first week of Advent didn't go as planned in the school department. I was hoping that our afternoons would be free for crafts and reading and that was hard to come by this week. A little school load adjustment for next week and a better game plan to be home more. Here is to a better week!

6) I ordered The Greatest Gift for some Advent reading for myself. It has a daily bible reading and some thoughts on the bible story. Ann writes beautifully! I can't imagine how she comes up the words and puts it on paper in such an elegant way! It certainly is a blessing to read daily. I wish I had only half her writing skills! 

7) I'll have a post on our first week of Advent activities tomorrow. I'm also working on a post on our Christmas plans to share at Everyday Snapshots on December 20th. 

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  1. Cassie
    Love no 3, thinking I might adopt that in the new year!
    no 4 - I'm with you, same situation locally here too. We've done a mixture of local and online this year. Mostly online.

    1. Erin, the mail box is a hit! My youngest is loving it the most. I had to tell my oldest that complete sentence were required since his first note to me only said hi mom. If we were very crafty, everyone would have made something, but the brown lunch bag works just fine. ; )


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