Saturday, September 28, 2013

Late September Nature Study

Scott and I celebrated our fourteenth wedding anniversary this past week. To celebrate we took the boys camping. We went for easy and just camped out by the lake at the family farm. This meant no need to pack a cooler, cooking equipment, or digging your own latrine! There was a building with a kitchen and bathroom near by. We did sleep out in the tent, cooked dinner over a camp fire, went on a night time nature hike, fishing, and all kinds of family togetherness. Even though we made it easy we were all exhausted the next day; I assume from not sleeping well in the tent. Here is a photo journey for our camp out.

 Gathering wood for the fire.

 Fire building.

Tyler working on getting his marshmallow roasting stick ready for a hot dogs.

Our sleeping quarters.

Morning fog rolling over the lake.

Largemouth Bass was the morning fish find.

I think this is were Scott and Caleb got into some chiggers. 

Getting ready for some fishing before dinner.

Tyler with his first catch of the day.

 Tyler's second catch of the day, another Largemouth Bass.

Caleb and Tyler during our nature walk around the lake. The Broom Sedge is beautiful right now!

Tyler in the cattails.


  1. It looks like you had a great time! Beautiful photos. I hope you were able to put a tarp under that tent and did not have to sleep directly on the grass, oh allergy sufferers!! :)


  2. It doesn't look like it from the picture, but the tent had a bottom. It has a rain guard thing over top of it which makes it look bottomless from the picture. It came in handy because the dew was very heavy!


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