Thursday, December 26, 2013

On the Second Day of Christmas . . . .

The Three Wise Men arrived at our house searching for the Son of God.

We decided to jump on the Wise Men adventures band wagon and place them around the house searching for Jesus. I decided not to start this during Advent, but make it a Christmas activity instead. (Tyler didn't want his picture taken and Caleb really wasn't as excited as he looked.)

We made Christmas cookies this morning. I bought this nativity cookie cutters set. I had it on my wishlist for a while and watched the price and I was able to get it for under $8. We used "sanding sugar"  instead of icing (going for easy here!), but we had have some icing left from our St. Nicholas cookies, so some got icing. To make sugar cookies easy, I always use the Betty Crocker bagged mix. It comes out perfect every time and I don't have to worry about it and it makes the task fun.

Caleb opened the second book for our "12 Days of Christmas" and this book was one that he has been patiently waiting to get, The House of Hades (Heroes of Olympus series). I told Tyler that even though the book was for Caleb today, that I'm sure he will want to read it too one day. Tyler said he didn't think so, lol! I'm thinking that Caleb isn't going to be interested in the Humphrey book that is coming tomorrow.  ; )

We read about St. Stephen in our new saint book that the boys got yesterday. We all got a good laugh out of St. Stephen being the patron saint of stonemasons. While Caleb was assembling the Three Wise Men, I read The Nativity book to them.

There were a lot of dishes to wash this morning and the laundry was piled up from missing laundry day yesterday. I'm ready for a nap now!

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  1. I love how you have planned this all out. I probably should have done that, because other than finishing off the last of the cookies from Christmas Eve we didn't do anything today.


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