Tuesday, December 31, 2013

13 for 13 {Photos That Tell the Story}

I'm linking up with Pam at Everyday Snapshots for 13 Photos That Tell The Story of 2013. Come and join us!

I hardly have any pictures from the first half of the year. Too many during the fall. I cheated and have 14 pictures though.

January-Caleb's 12th birthday. The only picture I have of it and the only picture taken that whole month! It's not a good picture either.  : ( (The poor kid! I had so many of Tyler's birthday.)

February-Nature Study! One of those rare days that was warm and called for venturing out in the woods!

March-comes Easter! And the fact that Tyler is getting too old for egg hunts. He wants everyone to know that he just played along for the candy and to make his Grandma happy!

April-Tyler's first time turkey hunting and he got his first turkey. His picture received the most likes on our credit union's Facebook page which won Tyler $50!

May-Tyler went with my parents to visit my brother and his family and celebrate Liam's second birthday. The rest of us had to stay home and help out with a scouting event. Tyler came home with some adorable pictures of Liam, but my favorite was taken of Tyler at his first visit to the Lego store. He got to go through the store and take pictures of sets he wanted for his birthday.

June-We celebrated Tyler's 9th birthday at the Raithel Family Farm with a fishing derby. I added an extra picture because I was feeling like it was a year of pictures of just Tyler and we needed to get Caleb into some more pictures! Caleb's fish didn't win the derby though.


July-Brings the start of a new school year.

August-Is when we got our start to the outdoor season. Lots of nature study and family outings through October! This was a day spent at the family farm. It got a lot of attention on Facebook. I think they were looking for something, but they don't recall what was going on at the time.

September-We celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary with a camp out at the Raithel Family Farm. One of my favorite pictures due to the grass color.

October-More nature study at our usual spot.

November-Tyler is finally mature enough to go deer hunting. Scott took him during youth season and during regular season. He didn't get a deer, but he was excited when his Dad got one.

December-Wonderful Advent and Christmas celebrations! My mom made all her grandson matching pj bottoms. Liam is the littlest one and he is two and a half.

 Bonus-Scott and I at our annual "vacation without the kids vacation" at our usual bed & breakfast spot close to home.



  1. Those hunting photos, such a different lifestyle to ours. though my brothers who live in the Outback go pig and 'roo shooting.

    1. I worried about posting the hunting pictures. My local friends and family wouldn't think anything of them, but I worried about others who don't hunt or know much about it. We are in a rural area and it's as common as breathing around here. It was a big milestone for Tyler and why I wanted to include them. As I write this, my husband is canning some of the meat from that deer.

  2. Lots of hunting around here -- we get it. :-) Congrats on the first turkey. Love the pond photo! Thanks for linking up.


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