Monday, August 26, 2013

Late August Evening Daybook

Outside my window
is hot sunny weather, but the sun is going down. It wasn't here a month ago, when it should have been, so we get it now when fall is close and cooler weather is on our minds.

I’m thankful for
a husband who volunteers more than he should for the boys scouting.

I’m thinking about
this never ending to-do list! You know the one that when you cross something off you end up adding 2-4 things to it. But, I'm organized and ready! Bring on the busy fall season.

In the schoolroom
things are moving along at a nice steady pace. I placed some orders over the weekend to get the very last of our supplies for the year. Ok, I still have a couple books on my amazon wishlist! I'm excited to teach Latin and hopefully that will be next week. Some changes to history, but I'll post about that in the future. I also decided to get Student Writing Intensive from IEW for Caleb. This kind of goes against my Charlotte Mason and Brave Writer theory of teaching writing, but it really is what he needs at the moment. Our local library had this and we were able to give it a try. The lessons are way too long for him but that will be an easy fix.

From the kitchen
. . . . . well I did plan out plenty of meals for this week and did the grocery shopping.  ; )

I am creating
a "morning basket" schedule and some new planning sheets. This is needed to help our school days run smoother. It may get put on the back burner until next week due to below . . . .

I am working on
scout stuff and our church fall festival stuff. I've got deadlines for this Thursday evening. Updating parent handbooks, making a plan for popcorn, attending popcorn meeting, helping Scott plan all the meeting for the upcoming year. This is going to be tough. The fall festival stuff has a couple of weeks but I have work that must get done soon. Must stay on top of it!

I am reading
I really don't have the time, but I can't resist! Ten Ways to Destory the Imagination of Your Child-so awesome! Ok, I just read the introduction while fixing dinner tonight but I love it so far! Call the Midwife: A Memoir of Birth, Joy, and Hard Time -another awesome book! I am three chapter in on this one. I've had this on my wishlist for a while, but our library just got it! I'm loving Jennifer Worth's writing style and it's hard to put down. So far it is much like the show, but she tells it much better.

I am hearing
Tyler . . .  he is the only one home and the AC consistently running!

Praying for
a local homeschool family that the husband is out west on fire duty. Online homeschooling friends who needs prayers. And for you, let me know!

Around the house
We deep cleaned Caleb's closet over the weekend. It wasn't too bad. He is good about keeping it picked up and he is getting older and has much less toys than Tyler. I did find about 10+ Lego boxes that have been in there since Christmas that I hadn't noticed. We did some rearranging and I did a total redo of Lego storage. It worked out! Cost: $17.99 for a new shelving unit, but I'm selling the one that was in there for $10. I also need one more thing for the Legos and I think they run $10-15. I love it when things work out. I also had to rearrange the hall closet to make room for scout stuff.

One of my favorite things
a new printer! I am loving this wireless color printer!! Life is good! Oh, it prints beautiful, it's fast, and just what we needed.

A few plans for next this week
is just to survive! Three scout meetings this week. A few appointments during the days too. Next week will be much better. Scouts stuff we be more spread out after this week.

A picture
or two from last week at our farm visit.
"No pictures, please!"

"Look at this stick I found, Mom!"

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