Friday, August 23, 2013

7 Quick Takes-August 23, 2013

1. I'm writing this during our lunch break. I really need a good break! We got a little behind this week and we have a lot to make up. Surprisingly the boys have worked well this morning and I think we will get it all done.

2. Reason for getting a little behind was a trip out to the family farm for play yesterday. The weather has been cool (but lots of rain) the past month. It was cool and no rain all of last week. But, no we wait until it is 90 and the humidity is high to make a trip. We hadn't sweated in a month so it was a good feeling.  ; )

Read aloud time at the farm with the Bush Boys seemed appropriate.
5. Swimming for PE yesterday. I believe they are looking for stuff in the lake, but I'm not sure. It was funny to watch though!
6. The boys had an awesome time in the lake. They were quite imaginative in their adventure (I heard a lot of talk of gators and snapping turtles). Tyler was a little nervous and wore a life jacket. He is an excellent swimmer and is strong and didn't need it. I joked with him that I used the life jacket when I was his age and it most likely would fall apart in the water . . . . and it did.
We normally sit on the boardwalk across the lake, but it was in the sun and the shade was a much better pick for the day. After we were there was five minutes I knew that a nature hike would not be happening on this visit. We really wanted to make weekly trips out to this place, but the weather didn't work with us. It was either too hot or raining. Then I start thinking of all the bugs (ticks and chiggers) and I talk myself out of it! Looking forward to fall! It seems like fall and spring work best for nature study anyway.

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