Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What's Working Right Now

"Balance"- Picture taken on a nature walk earlier this year.

We are four weeks into our school year and for the most part it is going well. Work is getting done in a timely matter and we are staying on schedule. Our days are not smooth though. This is a matter of reorganizing the schedule a little bit and working on developing better habits. Here is what is working at this moment. And as usual, it is subject to change!

1) Our chore schedule-we have assigned chores in the morning before school, kitchen cleaned after lunch, and assigned chores after school is done (before screen time is allowed).

2) Being home during school hours-I have cut back the amount of time we are out of the house during school hours. We are now running errands during the evening and weekends. I am working one day a week, but not until after I get the school work done with the boys first. Which isn't much because I schedule mostly independent stuff on this day. I also try to run errands that must be done during day hours on this day. When an appointment comes up during school hours I don't schedule other stops and get back home as quickly as possible. This is hard for me because to save money I want to get as much done as possible to cut back on our trips to town. Surprisingly it is working well!

3) A weekly trip to Target. Honestly, I'm not pleased with this but it is helping the budget. I'm trying to stock up while items are on sale instead of buying when out and paying more. If only our Target had full groceries I would be in  heaven. I got toilet paper for forty cents a roll this week. Of course, I had to buy two big packages and it was a little embarrassing walking through the store and parking lot with a cart full of tp!

4) My Catholic Daily Planner! I used it last year off and on, but I have been faithful to it the last few months and it is a gem! I do need to work on keep a running list of project that need to be completed. I have a two page spread of the whole week and I plan it out every Sunday. Write down all appointments and meetings, write in school days, write down chores that need to get done, and I add to it all day/every day of notes of things I need to remember to do. I also grab it in the mornings during our prayer and bible time for reference. Love it!

5) Copying everyone else's blog ideas. I'm sorry but I get most of my blog post ideas from my favorite blogs. If the post seem similar I'm sure you have seen the concept on another blog. I have some goals with this blog, but at the this moment it is not possible with other commitments. Getting ideas from others is helping me to keep blogging. Hopefully I will achieve my blog goals later on.

What is working for you right now? Please share!

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