Saturday, August 23, 2014

Our Trip to Kansas

We decided to make a day trip to visit my brother and his family and meet their new baby girl. They live just over the border in Kansas. We went to Kansas to see Dorothy. I just had to say it and I promise I won't say it again (sorry Deanna)!

I had promised the boys a trip to Legoland Discovery Center in Kansas City since it opened a few years ago and we finally turned that promise in on this trip too. We also visited Sea Life since it was in the same building and the ticket prices were cheaper to purchase them together.

Tyler loved Legoland and Caleb was too old for it. I think he enjoyed the 4D movies though and one of the rides. Sea Life was nice, but it was really set up for the preschool age kids. As an adult, I had to do a lot of looking down. We also did lunch at Fritz's (your lunch is delivered by train).

We ended the day visiting with my sister-in-law and passing the baby around for a couple of hours. After my brother got home from work and my nephew (age 3) from school, we went out to dinner at Spin Pizza (Gelato may be my new favorite). We headed back home after that and arrived in the driveway at 10 pm (left the house at 7:30 am).

Here is a ton of pictures from the day. The ones from Sea Life are a little blurry because it was dark and flash wasn't allowed. I also go no pictures of my brother, sister-in-law, and my nephew. Only of the baby! My nephew was really happy to see the boys and I wish I had gotten some pictures of his excitement.  We can't wait to see her again! Oh, and of course the rest of the family!

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