Friday, August 22, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday {August 22, 2014}

1) I know I haven't been blogging much lately, things have been overwhelming busy around here. Late summer/early fall is always our busiest time of the year. Scouts is getting ready to pick up again and the thought of it just overwhelming. The boys have a new activity (cross country) and our first month of school makes more busyness.

2) If you are wondering, Zebra is still claiming us as his "pets". This cat loves baskets! We like to pull baskets out and see how long it take "Zeebs" to find it. He always claims them (see picture below). One exception was a new laundry basket. It took two weeks before Zebra decided it was good enough. I was starting to think I needed to take it back to the store; surely something was wrong with it!  ; )

3)We hit a garage sale last Friday and found Tyler some waders for $5. He will find out this weekend if it was a good buy or not when he checks them for leaks in spring water. Too bad they aren't insulated!

4) Tyler is studying weather this year and keeping a weather notebook. I decided to take a picture of the sky to put into his weather reports. I'm hoping he will be able to describe the weather in writing by the end of the year.

5)I consider myself an above average organizer. My time management could use some work. I feel like organizing the house could be better too. I'm thinking about devoting my weekend to this. We don't have a ton of stuff, unless you count books and I don't. I still feel like we have more than we need in this little house. My walls are bare though and I would like to find some good thrift shop finds or rearrange some existing items.

6)Allergies are flaring up around here. Tyler and I are fighting them. I also have a rash on my neck that is very itchy! I'm praying it's not Poison Ivy. I just took a Benedryl to see what that does so I may be taking a morning nap.

7)On Monday we made a day trip to Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas. We went to Lego Land Discovery Center, Sea Life, and got to meet our new niece. It was a good trip even though we spent many hours in the car. I'll have a blog post about it this weekend. I have a lot of pictures to sort through. 

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