Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mid-August Nature Study

I know it's been quiet here! Things have just been a little overwhelming busy around here. Hoping to have have some free time late next week to work on the blog.

We did some very informal nature study at our usual spot this past Tuesday. We really just needed a few hours out of the house and some fresh country air. It was hard leaving the house because of everything else shouting calling our name. Yet, nature study is a priority to be enjoyed while ignoring all other stuff for the moment. Seriously! Don't let other activities or household chores keep you from nature study!

We took a short walk half way around the lake. The other side was not mowed and I was too afraid of ticks and chiggers to venture off the path that day. We mostly noticed an abundance of insects. They were flying, jumping, and buzzing all around us on our walk. The boys also took a swim in the lake. The lake was a nice temperature but a little muddy.

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