Thursday, August 28, 2014

Our First Month of School {2014-2015}

We have completed our first month of school and it has gone well. Of course, there were changes.

The biggest changes are always my doing. Usually something in me needs to change, an attitude or a habit. There is a lot of growth to be done as mom and teacher. Those must be done first before we expect our children and students to change.

I'm loving Pam's post at Everyday Snapshots, It's 3:16. How's Your Homeschool Plan Holding Up? Part 1 and Part 2. She gets it and has some wise words.

Our first set back was starting back to school at the end of July. It's always tough and I did expect it. Nothing makes you feel more like a weird homeschooler when you are back at school and everyone else is still on summer break.

Another issue that arose was that I had more planned for Caleb than could actually fit into our schooling hours. I had to cut out and rearrange. It was difficult. We are still working on this. This week I have everything fit into the schedule but our margin is very small. The question is whether we are disciplined enough to handle that. The answer is no at the moment and we are working on that.

I also had to rework our Morning Basket Plans. It was taking too much time and other subjects had greater priority. I also thinking I need to loop it. We are trying that this week. I'm not a looper . . . . I tend to think things are optional when I try to loop them. I'll reevaluate at the end of the week.

I'm happy with almost all of our original plans. I wasn't too impressed with Our Mother Tongue just because I think it needs a workbook with it. Caleb wasn't impressed with Memoria Press's Botany study (Book of Trees). Tyler enjoys all his book.

I'm still working on fitting in all of Caleb's Language Art subjects and I still see myself playing around with the schedule on this. I did or will be changing out some books. Memoria Press Classical Compositions has been replaced with Writing With Skill Level 1.I decided I needed to be less involved in his writing. WWS seems to be the perfect amount of involvement for me. Of course, we have only completed a week of the program (in a week's time I should add) which is far better than one day of lesson one in the MPCC over three weeks.  

Tyler, on the other hand, is getting done with school too early. It looks like we do have time for Latin this year.  ; )  Tyler disagrees! Actually I do too. I don't have time to teach it. Right now I'm trying to decided if I should increase Tyler's per subject time or throw in some extra books. 

I do have one BIG change for Tyler and I really hate to talk about it so I'll just whisper it. That would be math. His current program just isn't working for him. I have something different coming our way. That's another post though.

Zebra sleeping through Morning Basket.

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  1. I'm always over cramming and then having to tweak too, I'm slowly learning


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