Saturday, July 5, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday {July 4&5, 2014}

A day late! I intended to get this up first thing this morning, but I was interrupted with house cleaning and weed pulling.  

This 7 Quick Takes Friday is titled "To-do list before school starts on the 15th".

My flower garden weeding buddy!
1) A trip to the library. My list is getting really long for a library trip. It's a good thing there is a teenage boy in the house to carry the books! On my list include numerous Shakespeare books (see take #3 below). Some history books, including Usborne Encylopedia of the Ancient World to see if this is a book the boys want to use in history this year. If yes, we will use the library book until I get one ordered. Look for some classical music CDs. I thought we would see what the library has before purchasing any. (I'm hoping to not purchase any!) I also have books on the painter John Singer Sargent on my list to check out. I received a little postcard painting of his in my last Simply Charlotte Mason order and absolutely loved it!

2) Set up a weather notebook (or science notebook). Tyler is studying weather this year which was inspired by Mater Amabilis Weather Lessons

3) Deciding how to teach Shakespeare this year. Last year, Shakespeare went over well with the boys. I need to visit the library (see take #1) and I also plan to read a new book I received just today How To Teach Shakespeare by Ken Ludwig. Hoping to have a plan ready by the first day!

4) Put all the books away and everything in it's place. Right now the books are in bins (so I had them at hand for planning) and they need to find their homes. I also have a large stack of books that didn't make the cut. I'm a little worried about finding a place to put those away!!

Books that didn't make this year's cut!

This year's books that need to be put away.

5)Plan pictures taking for the first day of school and special treats. I thinking about taking our old student desk outside under a tree to take pictures. Last year I tried to put the boys against our concrete retaining wall and use some chalk to date it, but the chalk didn't show up very well. I'm thinking about how to fix that. I always like to put together special treat bags for the boys for the first day. I have one thing for Caleb and that is it. I will need to do a little shopping this week. Note to self: make sure the boys realize you expect them to wear something nice for the pictures!

6) Morning Basket plans still need some ironing out, finish those. I'll have a post of our plans before long!

7) Work on a blog post about our plans for the upcoming year. Also, be on the look out for other blogger's post about the same! I enjoying seeing how everyone else plans for their upcoming year and the books that made their cut.
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  1. I'm a little jealous because you are so much closer to being ready than I am. And I have a dilemma. My kids go to nature camp July 21. I can totally count those as school days, but since I am not ready to start this week, I almost feel like it makes no sense to start next week, do a week, and then have to take a week off from regular studies. I was fine with it when we were going to have two weeks gone, but I am just not ready. So now I am torn. Do I start or do I wait?

    Do you have a small chalkboard? Maybe you could write the info on that and then they could hold it or you could prop it for the photos?

    1. Pam, I had a year like that and it was a messy start! We had a week when one child had an activity outside the house and the next week the other child had an activity. I tried to do school in the afternoon the first week and with only one child the second week.I should have canceled that first week activity and just taken a "break" the second week. I would probably start just because I wouldn't want to make up that week at the end of the school year. ; )

      I used a dry erase board one year and it wasn't very pretty. Chalkboard would have been better and I like that idea! I may see if I can locate an old one among family and friends to borrow.


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