Friday, July 25, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday {July 25, 2014}

This 7 Quick Takes Friday is subtitled, Our First Week of School Quick Takes.

Tyler hiding behind his desk.

1) Starting a new year on a Monday is a big no-no . . . . . I know that and still did it. We survived though barely! I did have to make a quick trip to the nearest store for some caffeine. It didn't help though and I blame my lack of energy and headache to allergies.

2) We are suppose to get into a new routine for the day that I need to work (a few hours). School in the morning and run into town in the afternoon. Well, we went in the morning. Tyler did start school earlier and got a lot done before we left. Both boys did some work while in town and we did get some stuff done when we returned (but not everything that was on my list). School wasn't put first as I had planned. I did get to enjoy a less busy grocery store at 9 am and this is why I struggle with this afternoon thing!  

Caleb with his "back to school" gift.

3) Eight weeks is too long to take off from math! I had hoped for some informal math during the summer break and that didn't happen. This is the main reason we have a short summer break and it's still not short enough for math loss. Thankful I planned some review for our first week.

4) Morning Basket is going great! I do need to rearrange some of it. Some days we couldn't get it all done in 90 minutes and one day (Tuesday) we were done in 60 minutes. I have this on my to-do list for the weekend.

5) Tyler's favorite book (so far) for the year is his planner and he has already asked to have it every year. Caleb really enjoyed his Logic lesson and wanted to know why it wasn't on the list to do every day. I was reading ahead in it and wonder if he is going to like it when he figures out how illogical his thinking has been. I was laughing out loud as I read it thinking how it relates to him!  

Even the cat likes read aloud time! (Don't let the picture fool you! This is not an indoor cat!)

6) Tyler is still getting done with his school work early. This was a problem last year and I thought I added in enough to keep him busier. He is getting up early and starting before breakfast and then he is done first and he is interrupting Caleb's school time. I'm hoping a little habit training will fix this.

Tyler mentioned many times this week, "That's not the kind of book I can give you a narration from." I asked him to just tell me the facts of the book or what he read about in general. Yep! Worked every time! This got his narrations started and they came out perfectly after that. ; )

7) I do have some things to think about and make some changes for next week. Caleb struggled with Augustus Caesar's World and I have yet to pick it up and read it myself. That is on the to-do list to determine if I need to read it to him or if we need to cut back how much reading he is doing. 

The Logic of English lessons are not going smoothly. I need to do it separately with each boy, but who has time for that? They interact with each other and forget about the lesson or they try to be the first one to answer (and we usually just go back and forth with answering questions). This has happened before. I told them today if they couldn't get it under control we would do it separately and they both didn't like that idea. I need to read through some of the lessons before next week and have a better game plan.

I need to rearrange the Language Arts plan too. Just some shuffling in the schedule should do the trick. 

Tyler with his "back to school" gift.

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