Friday, July 18, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday {July 18, 2014}

1) Update from the last Quick Takes takes #1-6 are completed and I'm working on #7.

2) I had to be realistic and know that there was no way we could start school this week. It would have been a good week for independent work, but that's not possible during the first week. I adjusted the schedule and included an extra week of school in December to make it up. Making notes for next year to avoid this happening again!

3) I had this wonderful garden project for summer and well . . . . 

the weeds took over! I weeded it earlier and decided it needed new weed barrier put down (there was a lot of soil on top of it). I set the metal wash tub and planted my flowers and brought in some rock. I don't think it's going to get done (neither does the cat). I need someone to buy the weed barrier and put it down for me . . . . I dislike that job the most! 

4) I decided I needed a school office. This will be useful in some new things we want to implement with the new school routine. Looks like I will be sharing my office with Hammy! And you ask, "Where do you locate an office in a small house?" That would be the entryway! I really would like to get rid of the lamp and get a light attached to the wall or hung from the ceiling. The table is my grandparents' first dining room table. It has two drop down sides. I just have one out at the moment. 

5) I'm working on making some plans for some little trips. Next month we are going to Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri area for a day trip. We are hoping to see some sites and visit our new niece or nephew (who is apparently planning a late arrival-hang in there mama!) all in one day! No budget for an overnight stay, so we will be up and going earlier and in late. I'm thinking late August to avoid the summer crowd and during the week to avoid the weekend crowd.

Scott and I are also planning a getaway for our 15th anniversary and Scott's 40th birthday. As always, we will go to our favorite bed and breakfast, Bass & Baskets.

6) I found this picture on my camera. Looks like a Lego creation from Tyler. All I see is that the door frame needs to be cleaned, lol!

7) Guess what I get to do this weekend! Yes, that would be some scrapbooking!


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  1. Haha, I love finding random pictures that my kids have taken unbeknownst to me!


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