Thursday, July 17, 2014

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I was hearing a Cardinal while getting the mail the other day. I found him at the very top of our white pine tree that I could see from the front of the house. I went around to the back for some pictures, but he was just to high in the tree for my camera.


We made a little weekend trip to Bennett Spring State Park for some trout fishing.  

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Our little garden is still producing a ton of produce (way more than usual)! The weather has been perfect for gardens this year. Still no tomatoes though! We have an orange one, so hopefully not much longer. We picked the harvest (second picture below) before leaving and picked almost the same amount on Tuesday. Peppers anyone?

A quick storm blew through Monday. The cloud development was amazing to watch! No pictures as I couldn't stop watching to get the camera. The wind was unbelievable! I thought for sure our neighbor's pear tree and our walnut tree were going to be ripped apart, but they survived.

round button chicken


  1. Great haul from the garden- such beautiful veggies!

    1. I really love having fresh veggies every day! It will be sad to go back to the frozen variety.

  2. I'm a bit jealous of your garden! Looks like it's doing great! And man, that storm! Glad you didn't get any damage!

  3. Wow, your green beans look great! I got mine in late this year, so no green beans yet... but hopefully soon!

    1. I think we had our last pick earlier this week. We will probably take them out and replant and try to get a second crop. It works some years if the weather is perfect.


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