Monday, May 26, 2014

Daybook {Late May}

Outside my window
It looks like a beautiful sunny day from the window. Tyler opened the door and we learned it's really humid. We were outside all day yesterday, so I think I will stay in today. Allergies are getting better around here. Oak is settling down and grasses are just starting. Grasses don't bother me as much as spring trees, so I should be good. There is a massive pine tree in our backyard (that touches the back deck) and it is pollen crazy!

I’m thankful for
an extra day off this week. Scott needed some time off and we got to play yesterday because of it. I'm also thankful for Confession and Mass yesterday.

I’m struggling with
order in the household or maybe just staying focused on task and completing them. I'm easily distracted and it's hard to get back on task. 
There is also this money thing. The list of needs is really long at the moment. It tough in deciding which are an immediate need, which can wait, and which ones to take off the list. Lots of prayer!
I'm also struggling with the fact that my baby will hit double digits in a couple of weeks!

I am working on
lesson plan! I spent the last week thinking about them and just not able to get started. Inspiration finally hit late Friday night and I got Tyler's science planned out for the next school year.

I am reading
Teaching From Rest: A Homeschooler's Guide to Unshakable Peace by Sarah Mackenzie and I'm loving it! I've already listened to one of the companion audios too and can't wait to listen to the rest. Wonderful resource with a price that everyone can afford!

Simply Charlotte Mason has several free e-books and I've been rereading them since some I haven't read since our first year of homeschooling! They are different this time around.

This one I'm watching,Learning and Living: Homeschooling the Charlotte Mason Way DVD set and it was a big investment. The DVDs are nice quality and the presentation is nicely done. I've seen most of the SCM DVDs in the past and the first DVD wasn't anything new to learn. I see that changing as I go through the set. I'm especially interested in the high school one. Only 10 more to watch, lol!

I am hearing
A radio that is too loud (Caleb) and the clicking of the x-box remote. It's a lazy day around here except for Scott who is working hard in the basement.

Around the house
I use our summer break for some deep cleaning around the house and it's going well. One bedroom and one bathroom done. I have the kitchen/dining room on the list for this week. One room a week is my goal. I would love to do some painting soon too. The living room, kitchen/dining room, and hallway are calling my name. I'm thinking all one color this time, but I have no ideas as to which one. I need to go to Lowe's and look at samples and look over my color inspiration board on Pinterest. I'm working on building a new bookshelf/night stand for my bedroom and hoping to finish that today. The ant invasion has put that project off for a week, but we have been ant free since Wednesday, so it's time to put the window back together.

One of my favorite things
Getting to go fishing (again) yesterday at the family farm. I forgot the camera! The boys had fun and Scott came in first with the most fish caught, then Tyler, and Caleb last. Caleb did catch the largest though (catfish). I sat and watched and honestly, the shade was nice as it was humid yesterday too. The fishing would have been in the sun.

A few plans for next week

Grocery Shopping! I really should go today, but I'm not feeling it. We will make it work until tomorrow. This week is going to be easy! No commitments outside the home!! This is becoming rare, so I will enjoy it and catch up on my to-do list. I'll have to be creative in keeping the boys entertained though!

A picture or two
of Caleb and Zebra. Noticed that Caleb is texting, which is new for us. I still have the number that I've had since I was 18 when my dad got me a cell phone to keep track of me during my college years since I commuted to school. That phone is still on my Dad's plan and he finally got texting. I really didn't think Caleb would use it much since he doesn't have a keyboard on his phone, but I was wrong! Scott and I do not have texting on our phones yet!

Tyler watching a movie this morning. He wasn't too happy with the camera in his face.

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