Friday, May 16, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday {May 16, 2014}

1) School is done! Well, we will have a summer term in June. The boys were under pressure to finish on Monday (because of very busy week) and they pulled it off. It's evaluation time! The boys filled out an end of questionnaire for me and surprisingly they did it without complaining (last year I took a lot of grief over them!).

2) Last week the boys had a "field trip" to Scott's work to help with a first-aid training. They had fake scars and blood (and surprisingly it came out in the wash!)and had to do some acting. Scott and Tyler pretended to be injured in a bicycle accident and Caleb played the victim of a ATV accident. Apparently Caleb did too good of a job with his acting skills as the trainees carried him out of the woods and he was suppose to walk out with his injury. They enjoyed themselves and then got treated to lunch out. I enjoyed a quiet morning at home alone! I tried to get a picture of them when they made it home, but all the "blood" didn't show up. It's all over their arms, shirts, and Caleb had some on his forehead.

3) That cat! I can't help but laugh every time I see this picture! He is not an indoor cat, but likes to sneak in. I think he's saying, "Oh, man! I've been caught!" or "She won't see me under my cloak of invisibility!"

4) I had success at our local homeschool book sale. I sold a little over half of what I took. I listed the rest here in this blog post
and sold most of it! I've updated the post with only what is left and it's still for sale. If you bought from me, your package went out today and I will send you tracking number this evening or Saturday.

5)It's been chilly here the last few days. It should warm up Sunday and next week. I'm planning on some nature study next week! I'll write up a blog post afterwards. I'm hoping to have some blog post with some reviews of products we used this year and some early plans for next year.

6)Last week, Scott had to run an errand out of town and he took the boys with him. They first went turkey hunting and then ran the errand before stopping in Arrow Rock (Missouri) on the way home. Picture of their field trip below. 

Isn't this a happy crew after turkey hunting? LOL! Tyler has mixed feelings about turkey hunting mostly due to have to get up so early in the morning. Seeing that he is learning against the sign, he is tired out. This was also the same day as the book sale and they didn't get home until 10 pm!
Most of the historic places were closed during the week. There are more pictures on the camera, but the boys aren't around to tell me the places they visited.

7) Iris is one of my favorite flowers and mine are blooming like crazy here. Funny how thing look better when you use some fertilizer! I certainly don't have the right camera to take good close-ups, but I still enjoy trying to capture the flowers on camera. 

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