Saturday, May 3, 2014

Just Checking in {May 3, 2014}

It's been a little busy here. I haven't had time to work on the blog, but here is a little catch up.

It's spring turkey season here. Scott got his two already. Caleb got one and Tyler is still working on his. Be warned the following pictures contain dead turkeys, blood, and raw meat! ; )

During this turkey season we have gone through a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and I need another as I found another blood stain shirt today. Does anyone with turkey hunters have this problem or is it just me? I was surprised I was able to save all the pants!

We tried something new this year and ground up the dark meat on the turkey. Usually this is waste because it is tough. We made turkey burgers out of it and it was delicious! Free old (hand crank) grinder from a friend, plus an old electrical motor equals easy work at home. Add in a free used food saver from a generous uncle and you have very economical meat!

Now on to more pleasant things! A couple pictures from Easter.

One of our favorite Lent/Easter traditions is the sacrifice jar. The boys fill a jar up with pom-poms that represent each sacrifice that is made during Lent, and on Easter morning the sacrifices are replaced with a reward of jelly beans of the starburt variety. Scott and I use to have to help fill this jar, but this year after the first week I stopped putting pom-poms in myself because the boys were filling the jar fast. It took two bags to replace the pom-poms this year. I was surprised how fast they went! Everyone likes those in this house. 

Tyler had to do some tree climbing during the Easter Egg hunt.

Looks like we have a cat now. The stray cat, now called Zebra, actually is a really good kitty and getting lots of love here. I couldn't imagine someone getting rid of him and I worry someone lost him! He has put on weight so he had been without a home for some time. We will be taking him to the vet soon, but we decided to wait a couple of weeks when we found Zebra sleeping in the street! Zebra is an outside cat (due to allergies) but has been allowed to sneak in a couple of times and enjoys sleeping on the kitchen rug. He lets us know when he needs to go out. I told you he was a good kitty!

We survived hosting a garage sale at our house the week after Easter. I had to remind my wonderful helpers that if they survived garage sale week with their mom/wife that they could survive anything! Seriously, I get a little stressed setting up! Garage sales can be a lot of work, but the money earned is nice. We put it towards a sports day camp Tyler wants to go to this summer, a meal out after the garage sale (no one is in the mood to cook afterwards!), and trips to the community pool this summer. Zebra had a good time during the sale chasing around customers and jumping in and out of boxes. He tired himself out and slept at the top of the basement steps all afternoon. Certainly some kitten left in this kitty!

School is wrapping up fast! The boys worked extra hard this week and got ahead. They estimate they have 3-4 days of work left. I estimate we will need another 3 days for end of term examinations. I don't think we will finish this coming week, but still a half week earlier than planned. Of course, we have two field trips planned and we need to hit the library, so we may lose that half week.

I've been helping to organize our homeschool group's annual May book sale. It happens this week! We have around 35 sellers, so I'm a little worried about fitting them all into the building! Should be a good sale with that many different sellers. Anyone local, contact me for details! I went through and organized and priced my books this morning. It took longer than expected. Hoping to sell everything to finish purchasing books needed for the upcoming school year. If I have any left, I will be listing books for sale on the blog and taking part in Jessica @ Shower of Roses Annual Online Curriculum Sale Blog Hop (bottom of the post link).

Plans for the weekend include reading (it's always on the list and rarely gets checked off) and making up the end of term examinations. Perhaps some garden planting??

Plans for next week include school, book sale, and wrapping up the cub scout year. Lot of busyness! Looks like all of it could continue into the next week. After that we are on break for a couple of weeks before we start a short summer school term. I plan to get a jump start on the deep-clean summer cleaning schedule as soon as possible.

What have you been up to lately and any upcoming plans?

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