Friday, April 3, 2015

Early Spring Nature Study {2015}

Our goal has been one afternoon per week at the family farm. We didn't make it out there last week, but we did on Tuesday afternoon. Some of us (really just Lucy) had a lot of energy to run off.

It felt really warm! I almost wished I had shorts on but that would have been rough on the hike since we ended up on a trail that hasn't been maintained.

We started our afternoon with a hike on a trail that we had been on recently. It looked completely different! Green was popping up. We intended it to be a short hike since the boys had other plans but we ended up making a trail change and got in a long hike. I've got allergies and sinus issues right now so it was exhausting for me since I was struggling to breath through my nose.

We found a few wild flowers in the woods. (unable to get pictures since I don't know how to work the camera and it wouldn't focus) We also had a goose round up around the lake. There were two hanging around the lake and since they stayed, even with us there making noise, we assume they have a nest somewhere.

After trying to wear out Lucy, with no luck, the boys got to the main reason for the visit, trying out the new kayak (Caleb's birthday gift). We brought out the old kayak too for Tyler to use.

Lucy wanted to pull the kayak and was trying to fight Tyler for the rope.

The reason for wearing out Lucy was to prevent her from trying to go with the boys out in the kayak. I had to keep her on lease since she wasn't about to let them go without her. We learned previously (when Scott took out his duck hunting boat to check for leaks) that she will swim out and try to get in (which is ok in the summer but not when the water temperature is cold). The boys enjoyed paddling around (I think Tyler would have packed a bag and stayed out in the kayak all day!), but it didn't last as long as they had hoped. Watching Lucy endure separation anxiety brought them to shore earlier than planned. She viciously tore up a stick and dug a hole which threw dirt all over me. I didn't get to enjoy my normal reading time by the lake.

We also got to say hello to my dad and uncle who came out to plant potatoes in the garden. I'm glad they were there to check to make sure Caleb got the kayaks tied down in the truck before heading back home. I was a little nervous about that.

If you take out the hyperactive dog, it was a good afternoon at the family farm for nature study and kayaking. We are looking forward to summer weather so that the boys won't care if Lucy want to jump in the kayak with them!  ; ) 

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