Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weekend Ramblings

I wanted to encourage a better blogging routine and have decided to try to do a regular weekend post. (As usual, I got this idea from other bloggers.) I'm hoping to get it posted on Friday or Saturday but it was tough getting it done this weekend.

Lots of unusual clouds during Saturday's sunset.

School News

I decided we needed to make some decisions on books for next year. Caleb has some samples he is suppose to be reading over . . . . they are still sitting where I left them. . . . . no comment after reading them.

Tyler did preview some books picked up from the library. Abraham Lincoln's World and George Washington's World both by Genevieve Foster. Tyler started reading and wanted to know what the Napoleon guy was doing in Lincoln's book. I explained that the book is similiar to a world history book and is telling about everything that was going on in the world during Lincoln's life time. Tyler accused the book of having a false title and lying (I'm not kidding). He thought it was a biography and only a biography of our 16th president. He has asked not to use those books next year. I'm not sure what to say to that. It was hilarious yet I think those books are good. I'll have to work on him to take a second look.

It was a rough week for school. Allergies were bothering me which left me exhausted and with a headache that made me grumpy. Caleb was the hero for the week and made sure he got his math done every day. We made it through and looking back at the week it wasn't too bad.

We have three days next week and then we are taking off for a week for Easter Break. Nature study is planned for one afternoon too. We didn't get to enjoy that this past week.

Clicking Around-Some of my favorite blog post, videos, etc. that I have enjoyed lately.

I highly recommend Andrew Kern's Ask Andrew-Is Classical Education a method or is it about materials Part 1 and Part 2.

Jen @ Forever, For Always No Matter What blog post Mid Year Thoughts on Homeschool Planning 

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Haley @ Carrots for Michaelmas blog post Charity Has Power and How Disney Didn't Ruin Cinderella

I've been checking the Kansas City Catholic Homeschool Conference regularly and see that they have some information up for the June conference. I'm about three hours away but I have family in the area so it's a good one for me to attend. If I can get free lodging, I will probably go this year. 

Random Happenings
I had new living room furniture on my list of wants. It was at the bottom of the list because other things seemed to be more important. Yet, the couch was failing apart before my eyes. I really had no desire to look for a new one right now either. We were blessed with a hand-me-down sofa and recliner from my parents. This is an improvement from what we had and will be fine for about two years when I think we will purchase some new pieces. The only problem is that the recliner is a fishing theme (my parents had a wilderness theme in the basement). My dad did say he wanted it back though. Hopefully the boys won't tear it up. They seem to be hard on furniture as they have gotten older bigger.

In related news, Lucy got a new bed to nap on.

We had one of those beautiful spring snows Saturday morning. I love snow on fresh green grass. No pictures of that since it wasn't sticking to the ground very well.

X marks the spot for Saturday's sunset.

Even though I have yet to figure out how to work this camera (besides in auto mode) I'm really enjoying the zoom. When I see something I can't make out I just zoom in and snap. I don't think I have ever noticed seeds on a Sycamore tree before (too high up). This camera is a great tool for nature study!

After church, Sunday morning, Scott and I needed to hit a few stores to look at refrigerators, doors, windows, and few other improvement project items. I think Kenmore brand won the refrigerator debate. That is the brand we are replacing and it's been good to us. The price was comparable to the other brands. Maytag has a 10 year warranty though which is better than Kenmore (only 1 year). We did forget to look into delivery cost though. That may seal the deal.

We finally bought Caleb's birthday present (late January birthday). He saw a kayak in the Menard's ad and decided he would like that. We will probably take it out Tuesday for it's first maiden voyage.

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