Saturday, April 18, 2015

Weekend Ramblings {April 17, 2015}

Cardinal in the river birch tree was chatting to Caleb.

Monday was quite the typically Monday. Everyone was grumpy, including the dog. At 10:30 am I was ready to call it a day and head out to the family farm for some nature study. It had stop raining at that point and it seemed like a perfect solution. No one else thought so. Once school was all done I said we were going out to the farm and I didn't want to hear any complaining. ; )  

Caleb searched for mushrooms and didn't find any. Tyler rode his bike around with his pop gun. Lucy ran constantly for about an hour between the two boys. I sat in the truck and read. I didn't bring a coat and the sun had disappeared and I got cold. But, it was a nice hour sitting in nature.

Ticks are already really thick around here. The boys went turkey hunting last weekend and were covered in them when they came home. I got one and was only out of the vehicle for a minute to check the weather when we got to the farm. Scott got a bunch at work this week too. I ran the sweeper an extra time because I was just grossed out from seeing one on the floor. I'm not sure what to do about it. Disease from ticks is common in our area, but chemical sprays could threaten your health, too. I'm not sure which is the worse evil.

We finished By the Great Horn Spoon on Monday. The boys loved it, especially Tyler. Next on our read aloud list is The Green Ember. The boys weren't too excited after the first chapter but when given a choice the next day, they wanted to read it. The only complaint after the second chapter was that the characters are rabbits.

Thursday evening marked a triumphant event! The last Cub Scout pack meeting for me! Scott will be attending one more but more likely will have to help a little longer and will have to attend some next fall.

Friday morning turned out beautiful. I went out to get the mail and I didn't want to go back inside. The crab apple tree was in full bloom and smelled delicious. The bees were enjoying the tree and their humming sounded magical. We enjoyed it a little but decided to hurry up and get school done for the day. The boys had a camp out this weekend so I wanted to be sure school was done, house cleaned, and boys packed by afternoon. Goal accomplished.

Our school week went well. I scheduled a partial make-up day for Friday and everyone was caught up on everything and got some new work done instead.

Scott's weekend project (along with my dad) is to install a new front door and dining room sliding door. I'm pretty excited about this. Now if I could just light a fire under the window project.

My weekend project is watching IEW Teaching Writing: Structure and Style (I'm not sure who got the winning card on weekend projects.) and maybe work on some scrapbooking.

Two geese are still hanging out at the family farm lake. We are patiently waiting to see goslings.

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