Sunday, April 12, 2015

Weekend Ramblings

Happy Easter! We took an Easter break from school that started on Holy Thursday and ended on Easter Wednesday. I wasn't too keen on starting back as it seemed like we didn't get a break. We were busy most of those days and I didn't get to work on any extra projects, which is normally my goal while on break.

Even though I wasn't wanting to do school on Thursday and Friday, the boys didn't mind and it was a successful two days. After going through and planning out the remaining school year (twice) it was determined that May 16th will be the last day of school. (Plus a few extra math lessons to complete.)

There was a lot of rain and possible severe weather this past week so we didn't make it out to the family farm for nature study. It is on the calendar for this week. I'm sure Lucy is looking forward to this the most.

Did someone say we are going to the farm? You are taking me, right?

I spent a lot of time this week trying to finalize history plans for next school year. I think I've made some decisions. These were tough decision and as usual I don't feel to confident in my decisions. I had to remind myself that I was looking for books for the boys and not myself. ; )

To keep up online with Caleb, I now have an Instagram account. I now need to take some pictures with my phone which is a rare event for me.

I didn't get much reading done this week. I'm slowly moving along on the sixth book of Harry Potter. I could easily read this book every night, but I find the story exciting and then struggle to fall asleep. I'm still, moving slowly through Start Here: a journey through Charlotte Mason's 20 principles by Brandy Vencel. Which is a good kind of slow. Reading CM's works takes a lot of my brain power so I'm struggling to find a time to do the reading. Before bed is my ideal time, but the brain power is lacking.

I did get to listen to some wonderful podcast this week. Pam @ ed snapshots has a new one out and the Read Aloud Revival has a new one out with Julie Bogart. Another good one was Mystie Winckler and Brandy Vencel.

Plans for next week . . . . a regular school week with very few interruptions! Scout activities . . . . which reminds me I never shared pictures from the Blue & Gold Banquet back in early March when Tyler went from Cub Scout to Boy Scout. We are very happy to have both boys back together again in one scout group. Now to get Scott and I out of the cub pack group! ; )

I'm excited that Scott is on his way to purchase a new front door and sliding patio door. We have been meaning to do this for about two years now. They probably won't be installed until next weekend though. I really wanted a swing door to replace the sliding door, but now that there is a dog crate in front of this door, I decided the sliding glass would be more efficient. I really hate I had to give it up for the dog! I really dislike the slider . . . . Anyway . . . . we have our eye on two refrigerators and one of them is on-sale, so Scott is going to take a look at it while there (I've only looked at it online). The reviews all had the same negative comments so I think I would like the other one that isn't on sale (with slightly better reviews). May have to wait and pray the old one keeps on working a little longer.

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