Saturday, April 25, 2015

Weekend Spring Daybook {April 2015}

Outside my window . . . . .

It's cloudy this morning . . . . expecting rain.

This week . . . . .
Simple days (school, chores, free time, repeat). 

I went through the boys clothes to put away some of the winter stuff, get out more summer stuff, and pull out outgrown and unwanted clothes.

We were able to get out to the family farm for some nature study last Tuesday. Lucy and I walked around the lake, the boys went fishing, and I got to try out one of my birthday presents (portable hammock perfect for reading by the lake). We were greeted by lot of wildlife at the family farm: a Great blue heron, Pied-billed grebe, and a goose.

First catch of the day.

Boys fishing . . . . taking turns since we only brought one fishing pole.
Spring turkey season is in full swing. The boys have yet to get one but Scott got his first turkey of the season. We still have turkey meat from the fall season . . . . must plan some turkey meals.

I am thankful for . . . . 
Spring! Love the green. The birds are nonstop outside the windows. Nature is out and about at our favorite nature study spot. The school year is coming to an end, just a few more weeks until summer break. All things to be thankful for at the moment.

Phlox (wild sweet william) currently blooming out at the family farm.

Wildflower/weed called Yellow rocket (Winter cress) is currently blooming at the family farm.

Clicking around . . . . .
Some of my favorite things on the web that I read this week.
Why Voldemort Hates Homeschooling from Haley @ Carrots for Michaelmas (goes along with the current struggle of the government trying to take away the rights of parents and just the fact we are reading this series right now)
Exploring with Small Boys from Erin @ Seven Little Australians & Counting (this is true with big boys too!)
The Use and Misuse of Charlotte Mason's First Principle  from Brandy @ Afterthoughts (I think I could talk Charlotte Mason all day!)

Around the house . . . . 
New doors were installed last Saturday. Just a little finishing touches are needed (like painting the front door and trim needs to be recut to fit). It was a little weird having holes in the house. Lucy was in heaven to go in and out as she pleased. The weather was good for the project.

Lucy wanted to help. Or was just thankful all the loud noises had come to an end.

Painting is next on the list.

A peak at my day . . . . 
Our days have been pretty much school, chores, free time, repeat. Simple days are fine with me, but I'm looking forward to a little change of pace this summer.

I am working on . . . .
getting ready for a garage sale for next week.

I'm hoping to get started on a meal planning project. I get bored with our meals. I need more variety. I'm thinking of a seasonal rotation. I also need to plan meals with turkey and deer leftover from the fall.

Lucy's introduction to a fish.

Planning ahead . . . . 
I sat down with the calendar on Friday and planned out the upcoming week. I love being able to do this. I don't handle stress well so doing this prevents stress and makes me happy. I also spent a long time on the phone rescheduling appointments to make the calender less stressful.

In the school room . . . .
Three more weeks until summer break! I'm ready to be done. The boys have been working hard to stay ahead. We are counting pages and days to make sure books get finished. I'm thinking ahead to summer planning, summer reading for the boys and myself, and summer education opportunities. All good stuff!

Still no goslings at the family farm.


  1. Simple days are good days:)
    Oh wow glad you liked my post, my plan is to make it a daily event, but I haven't made it back out there yet. Though the next day the boys spent hours our rock collecting, the new craze:)
    Looking so green there!

    1. I try so hard to make the ten minute drive out to the family farm at least once a week (weather permitting) and it's a challenge. It will be harder come summer and high temperatures, humidity, and bugs (ticks and chiggers are some of my biggest complaints). I never regret the time spent there so I'm no sure why it's so hard to do it. I dream of living on that property. I could just see us going out the back door into nature every day. But, maybe it's not that easy either. ; ) I had my boys clean out the car today and I'm not sure where Tyler put all his rocks he has been collecting while out at the family farm. I just know there was a collection piling up in the back seat. Boys! : )

  2. Lovely dog. Is she a GSP? We have a black and roan GSP. I've never seen an all black one. Clicked over here from afterthoughts.

    1. She is one quarter GSP and the rest is lab. She gets the black from the lab side, but I think she has more of a GSP build. My husband is hoping she will be a duck retriever. She is just 7 months old, so time will tell. Thanks for stopping by!


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