Sunday, March 15, 2015

{Almost} Spring Nature Study

The weather was nice this past week and above average temperatures. We got out two afternoons and headed to our favorite nature study place.

We were looking for signs of spring. Honestly, we didn't see any signs besides mud. We did hear the signs. The birds were singing songs of spring and you could hear the ground thawing out and water trickling along.

We went on trail hikes each afternoon. The boys did a second hike while I read by the lake. Each trail was one that we have never walked before but had ridden them in the past. It looked like all new scenery to me. Lucy tagged along too.

Here is our nature study hikes in pictures.

Lucy really wanted the turtle shell.

Can you see it? Armadillo trail through the leaves.

Can you see it? Looks like an animal head to me . . . maybe a dragon head.

One of the trails we hiked. Where's spring?

We couldn't figure out what this was on the other side of the lake, so we zoomed in with the camera. I thought it was a turtle on a log but Caleb took a look said it was a turtle on a turtle. After getting home and zooming in more on the computer we determined there were three turtles and Scott thinks they were Painted turtles.

Large dead trees are always fun to play on.

Lucy loves swimming. She does wish the water would warm up though. Tyler was jealous he couldn't jump in too.


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