Thursday, March 5, 2015

A March Daybook

I know it's been a while since I last posted. I'm still here. No excuses for not posting. Just the end of winter and motivation is all gone.

Boys and puppy working on a snowman earlier this week. Lucy had to be on leash or otherwise there was no chance of getting the snowman made.

Outside my window . . .
It's still winter here and cold but expecting warmer temperatures over the weekend and next week. We actually saw the sun today and I think it will stick around for the next week. It's been a bit of a winter roller coaster ride here in central Missouri.

I am reading . . . .
~Meredith's Homeschooling Highschool: It's Not As Hard As You Think Go buy it!

~Start Here by Brandy Vencel which I'm enjoying and wish I had more time to go through and read all the suggested readings. I'm especially savoring For The Children's Sake which Brandy has you reading.

~Currently on book 5 of the Harry Potter series. I wish Tyler would slow down! He has finished it and I'm not that far along in it and I'm not sure where Caleb is in it.

~Also, trying to keep up with the boys school readings and previewing some books for next year . . . . this is hard for me to do!

I am thankful for . . . .
my husband who has been doing some of the cooking lately. That has allowed me to finally get a blog post done and some school planning.

Boys who are a joy to be with during the day. I wish I could show my gratitude more for that instead of just telling them about the things they have done wrong during the day.

The online homeschool community who have provided much needed support during this last month. The end of winter can be a trying time and everyone has seemed to encouraging and giving during this time.

Clicking around . . . .
~I'm really enjoying the Refresh Conference from Homeschool Connections.

~The Homeschool Snapshots Podcast have been awesome too.

~See Me Homeschool Blog Hop which was interesting to see inside fellow homeschoolers day-to-day life.

~I've admired Erin @ Seven Little Australians & Counting and appreciated her Aussie Not Back to School Blog Hop. She recently had a reader survey and I asked for more homeschooling post and she provided.  : )

I had some more thing I wanted to share and can't remember at the moment . . . ugh!

Celebrating the liturgical year . . . . 
Bringing Home Lent with Saint Therese  is being used and enjoyed this Lent. The boys and I start off with this in the morning (during Morning Basket) along with the daily gospel reading. There are a few other books in this series so we will be able to continue this in following Lent seasons.

I've been enjoying Sweetness & Light Spirit of Lent emails. (I couldn't find a link to sign up, sorry!

Sweetness & Light along with Harrington Harmonies and Forever, For Always, No Matter What are hosting Walk With The Saints Link Up.

It's time to start thinking ahead to Easter! 

Around the house . . . .
Just the same day-to-day stuff. But, I have been dreaming up some home improvement projects though. ; ) I need to budget out the tax refund and see how realistic my plans are going to be. Those windows, doors, and paint that has been on the list for awhile MUST get done. I'm dreaming about new flooring and new living room furniture too. I think the furniture will be put off . . . . remember we have a new puppy. She likes to chew on the couch, so that dream is on hold. Even with being strict with the puppy it is surprising how many things have been torn up! If we can figure out how to put the flooring down ourselves then that dream may happen. (Whispering-I also dream of a few kitchen updates, but that most likely won't happen since it's not a necessity and everything is in working order and I think the budget it maxed out at the moment. But, I like to dream when the Menard's weekly ad comes out!)

I'm also working to improve the bread recipe I use for the new bread machine we received at Christmas. The recipe in the owner's manual is simple but the bread is too dense and bland. I got some ideas from Mary @ Better Than Eden and can't wait to make the next loaf. I'm switching out half of my flour for the whole wheat white and some of the water for coconut oil. The last loaf I made I did use oil but I didn't have the flour yet. I'm not a big bread eater, so I'm really doing this for the family (healthier bread options). I'll see how it goes.

A peak at my day . . . .
I have been enjoying our winter hibernation! Not getting out too much and not too many activities has kept stress levels down during winter.  I think this is a must for winter survival.

I did completely reschedule our school days. Caleb asked for a change and I don't blame him. This is nice during the seemingly long winter months. A nice change of pace. Tyler wasn't too thrilled but that is just his personality as he isn't up much on change. He did just fine and he was happy with it, as long as Keyboarding was first on his schedule. I made sure of that!

I'm enjoying this season of not needing to work with someone constantly through out the day. I have some breaks or should we call it opportunities to get other domestic duties done! The boys have greatly matured since July and are able to handle more independent work. I never thought this day would come!

Planning ahead . . . .
Lots of school planning is going on here. I had to go to great lengths to hide in the bedroom and spend a few uninterrupted hours making subject and book list for Tyler. I'm happy with this list and hoping not many changes will be made. I do want to make a separate book list to keep an eye out for used books and good deals. I don't think I will do my shopping until May/June, but I want to be on the look out for savings.

I still need to sit down and do this for Caleb and work up a potential 4-year plan for high school. I actually sat down to do it now, but I realized my blog needed some attention!

In the school room  . . . .
I mentioned a lot above. I'm hoping to put together a What's working Now post in the next week. Things are going well. A month ago I could not see a happy end in sight and now I can see it. (Just look down your road and you can see the end of May waving at you!)

I am working on . . . .
focusing my attention and trying to stay on task. An hour long task will take me all day. There are so many interruptions (laundry, cooking, puppy, text, emails, etc.) and I can't seem to focus. I've had some improvement and I admit it was tough! I was constantly telling myself not to get up. It also helped to get all the "other" stuff that needed to be completed in the day done early which gave me free afternoons. Then moving to the bedroom and closing the door helped greatly too.

Upcoming plans . . . .
Nature hike tomorrow if the weather is twenty degrees warmer than today and I can find my rubber boots (there is going to be a ton of mud!). Otherwise early next week since it's suppose to be in the 50s. Hoping for two walks in the next week.

Tyler crosses over to Boy Scouts on Saturday. This was reschedule from last weekend (snowed out).

I MUST read through the owner's manual of the camera and get it figured out! I want to take pictures and those that I do take need some help. Just need to figure out all the settings!

A picture . . . . 
The boys had a scout camp out two weeks ago that was very close by. Scott came home and picked up Lucy. She ran with them on a 2 mile hike. She came home covered in mud. After a bath she was cold and exhausted. I wrapped her in a blanket to warm her up*.

 *It should be noted that I'm not a dog lover and the blanket was washed afterwards and I also have stopped sitting in the recliner since she has claimed it. Also, just because I turned the heat up to warm her, searched every store in town for made in the USA raw hides, and bought her a new toy today, we are still not friends. I made sure she understood that before giving her the new toy.  ; )

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  1. Look at the snow! Never having seen snow it all looks so cold to me!
    Encouraging you with your camera, finally understanding, a little, my manual, making a difference:)
    Ah glad you enjoyed my hsing posts, hard sometimes to know just what will help people.


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