Monday, March 23, 2015

Homeschool Conference in St. Louis

Sunset from two weeks ago that has nothing to do with the post but my rule is all posts need a picture.  : )

I attended the Greater St. Louis Area Home Educators Expo this past weekend. This was a completely last minute decision. My friend Lynne always invites me to attend with her every year and I usually decline due to the expense (hotel and travel cost).

I was most looking forward to hearing Andrew Pudewa. I got to hear 3 of his 6 talks. I had planned to hear 4 of those but I was on sensory overload and my brain was shutting down by the last one. Andrew did not disappoint!

I also listened to talks from Ethan and Steve Demme (Math-U-See and Demme Learning). These were also some of my favorites. 

Ethan Demme's talks gave great support to parents and reminded me that parents really do know best. My favorite from him was How Awkward Online Parents Can Save the World.

Steve Demme was a great speaker also. I only wished I had listen to his math talk instead of his communication talk. I am very glad I got to listen to him!

Jay Wile was also at this convention. Although I didn't get to hear him speak, I did purchase one of his talks (teaching science to middle and high school students) and listened to that once I got home. I loved to hear him say that no formal science program was needed before 7th grade. He also gave me ideas for how to go about science for both boys. I have more confidence in this area and will be pondering on that before it's time to make final decisions for next year. He mentioned that notes from his talk were on his website.

I also listened to Karen Holinga (author of Spelling You See with Demme Learning). She mentioned her talk would be like getting a drink from a fire hose and she wasn't kidding. I'm still pondering over this one. Karen's talked was very informative and included research about spelling and the brain. The research she presented was a little different and more recent than I had previously heard. At the end of the talk she quickly went through the workings of her spelling program. To me it looks like an updated version of dictation. However, it was different in regards to how dictation has been taught to me by Charlotte Mason experts. I think the newer research would justify a few changes to dictation in a Charlotte Mason education. This was an aha moment for me.

I controlled myself and didn't ask for autographs and pictures from any of them. Or ask if I could eat breakfast with them at the hotel. Of course, I realized this is what I should have done over at the Demme Learning booth since this was a way to be entered into a drawing. I wish I had realized that!

This was just some highlights of the convention. I copied down some lovely thoughts and quotes and have been sharing them with uninterested ears since getting home.  ; ) Because of that, I thought I should share some highlights with those who would appreciate.


  1. Sounds amazing! So pleased you got to attend, praying you feel all re-vitalised.

    1. Ha! I feel like it's time for spring break. The conference was good, much needed, and I do feel refreshed. Although I'm looking forward to Easter break! That may be because I'm pushing around lots of information that I picked up in those two days and it needs to settle so that we can get back to the business of regular school days.


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