Friday, January 10, 2014

This Week . . . .

I've not been in the mood to blog all week . . . . which is weird and I haven't figured out why. But, I didn't want a week to go by without a post, so here is a quick run down of our week in pictures and words. I had to add the "and words" as I didn't intend to sit down and write, but it happened anyway!

Snow! My local friends and family know all about it, but for those elsewhere, we had snow Saturday night/Sunday morning. We did make it to Mass Sunday morning. When you live less than a mile from church it's hard to make snow a reason to miss. The roads were horrible, but we made it along with about 12 others, lol! Monday was extremely cold! Low -10F with a high of 0 and thanks to God our heating system was the Little Engine That Could! It was too cold to go out but the boys went out a little Sunday and Monday and spent a lot of time outside on Tuesday. But, I don't have any picture, except for one taken from inside! I think we had seven inches but who knows with all the blowing. At least it blew off our driveway. We did have to shovel a drift in front of the garage to get out to church and again to get back in after.

I really need to be taking more pictures. I have been working on this and I have officially taken more pictures this January than I did last January! (If you remember from my 13 for 13 post I only took one picture last January.)

Here are pictures of the boys hard at school work this week.

I think we adjusted back to the school routine well. There were almost tears Monday morning (not mine), but we pushed through and got started.  Friday afternoon about brought tears (these may have been mine) but it was really just a sign that we needed to be done. We did about 90% of our work load, so hopefully next week will go smoothly at 100%. I'm excited about changes we made and I will let you know how those go sometime.

Scott made himself a coon skin hat and now Tyler wants to learn how to sew to make one of his own. Of course, this doesn't just require sewing skill, but an actually raccoon. That means the boys are out learning how to trap this afternoon. I did pull out a sewing book that I've had on hand just for this occasion (sewing, not the raccoon part!) and we started learning how to sew this week. My sewing skills are hardly what you would call skill, so I'm pretty much learning along side them. Tyler spent part of his Hobby Lobby gift card (thanks Uncle Zack and Aunt Deanna!) buying a sewing kit and some fabric. Thanks goodness you can get a sewing kit in boy colors! Caleb decided to sit down and join us in the lesson too. I wasn't allowed to take pictures of our first lesson, but hopefully I'll have some pictures of finished products in the future.

The boys received recorders in their stockings at Christmas. Surprisingly, this were a big hit! They received a Penny Gardner book as one of their 12 Day of Christmas gifts and they have been teaching themselves how to play.

I mentioned I was hoping to replace my shabby (and not chic)table that housed our Nativity set. I used a gift card that I got from Target to purchase a new one. I'm also glad to report that we have gone from 5 baskets of books (and magazines) laying around the living room to just two thanks because of this new piece of furniture. Plus, one of those baskets isn't filled yet! This makes me pretty happy!

I went back to Target yesterday to buy something for myself or new towels (all our towels are falling apart), but instead come home with flannel sheets (on clearance) for the boys. I got a set from my parents for Christmas and they are the warmest and softest flannel sheets ever. The boys were jealous, so I couldn't resist to spend my gift card on them. We will just cut the strings off the towels and make them last a little longer. Target didn't have any colors that matched the bathroom anyway.  ; ) Print selection was zero, but Tyler says it is an outdoor theme and that goes with his camo blanket. Plus the birds were red, his favorite color.

This weekend brings a chili supper and silent auction fundraiser for our cub scout pack. This will take almost all day and evening on Saturday. I'm sure to be exhausted! I'm hoping for a little energy to take the Christmas tree down on Sunday after Mass.

How was your week?

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