Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekend Musings

It was an exciting week here. The boys enjoyed roller skating with their fellow Cub and Boy Scouts. Of course, I didn't think to take a camera. School went surprisingly well (more on that later). I also went and saw a chiropractor for the first time. I'm very much looking forward to my visits this week and getting some shoulder pain relieved. It seems all my problems are due to a moderately curved spine.

Our third term of school is going marvelous! I think a new routine was the key. School work is getting done and somewhat cheerfully. I'll take it while I get it and pray to stay on this track. 

Some of the new things the boys are enjoying include Paddle-to-the-Sea and using the Beautiful Feet guide for some US geography. We read this book when Caleb was third or fourth grade. This time we are reading it for Tyler. I didn't have the Beautiful Feet guide last time so the boys are enjoying the map work with the book this time. They remember reading the story years before, but they don't remember the details of the story. I plan to get two Holing books read this year and save two for next year.

Caleb started his new history book, The World's Story
and I think we may have found the first history book that he enjoys! I sat down and read two chapter of it yesterday and I'm impressed too! It gave the information in a readable way and even though it's full of facts (like a text) it is somewhat of a living book. Caleb said it was the first history book that he actually understood and could follow. Seeing that I have acquired a stack of history books (living and text) this is an important discovery! It also gave a pretty round account of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation which is what I was mainly looking for to study the Renaissance time. 

As I mentioned last week, the boys were wanting to make coon skin hats and were working on their sewing skills and learning to trap. They had success with their first trapping and rounded up three raccoons. And if you are wondering, I do find this slightly disturbing, but I seem to be getting use to it. ; )

The big boys (Scott and Caleb) had a Boy Scout camp out this weekend. It was very windy here which made their Saturday troublesome, but they did manage to stay warm at night. Tyler and I camped out in the living room with Hammy. Surprisingly, I only had to tell Hammy to settle it down once! She some how pushed her food bowl under her wheel and woke me up as she was trying to get it out.  Notice Tyler's rug burn on his nose! He fell off his bed and nose-dived to the floor. The sound it made when he hit the floor made me surprised he didn't break it (his nose and the floor)!

How was your week?

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