Friday, January 31, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday~January 31, 2014

1) Since we took Caleb out for pictures on Sunday we tried to get some family pictures too. I'm not too happy with them.  Here are the two "best".

2) Busy here with Caleb's birthday celebrations. Being blessed with a small house means we have multiply birthday celebrations to prevent the seams from bursting. I made dinner for family last night and again tonight. Going with easy Mexican food. Saturday night Caleb is having two friends over. He has requested pizza, chips, soda, and cupcakes. I got frozen pizza to avoid having to run the errand of getting pizza on Saturday. I feel guilty feeding those teenage boys junk food while staying at my house! I wonder if I can get them to have a salad with the pizza?

3) Tyler demanded to get on the ice and have his pictures taken last Sunday. Scott called it safe and I surprisingly agreed since the water was only about a foot deep where they were standing.

4) We are suppose to get some winter weather today and tomorrow. I'm wondering if it will interfere with our birthday celebrations or Scout Sunday.

5)I've been enjoying using Google+! I really just keep up with my online fellow homeschoolers. Come and join me if you use it or are thinking about it. I really don't know how to use it, but I'm slowly figuring it out.

6) I have enjoyed the Cranberryport books (Thanksgiving and Christmas) and bought the Valentines Day one this week. I had enough Amazon reward points to get it for $3.15! It should be arriving today.

7) Planning next year's school books has been weighing heavy on me lately. I'm still in the beginning stages of planning. I started a Pinterest Board and I also have a wishlist on Amazon going too. As you can see I'm not getting very far. We are doing Ancient history (starting in Genesis and through Ancient Egypt). I'm thinking for science we will do weather and maybe Geology. Perhaps a bird study if we don't get to that this year. I really want to do botany again, but I need to decide how much of that Caleb would cover in 9th grade (biology)before making that decision. We will continue using Math-U-See. Slowly making list!

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