Friday, December 12, 2014

This Week in Learning {Week 18}

It has been a good school week but we are so very glad for a long Christmas break!

We went to half days which really made the week much enjoyable. Our afternoons were filled with activities I can count as school hours, but not a normal work load. We got some extra chores done, extra reading, movies, and games.

We started our day off with Morning Basket. I would then do math with Caleb while Tyler did his independent work. We would have a break and then start back with math with Tyler while Caleb did his independent work. We had our lunch break next and then did Afternoon Basket after lunch. We did all Advent readings and one chapter in the Faith and Life book since it was the Christmas story.

Our number one goal for the week was math. That goal was meet. Each of the boys had a "test" in their Saxon math this week and I wasn't pleased with their work. This was a reminder for me to make sure we are getting enough of the mixed practice problems done. 

Silly Boys! Caleb and Tyler with their cousin. Photo taken by my sister in law during our family photo shoot.

Caleb is still struggling with fractions. I'm struggling with this because most of the fraction work that is in the math book is not the type of fractions he will encounter outside his math book. We encounter fractions daily but they are normally pretty basic (1/2, 1/4, 3/4, and thirds and converting back and forth between fractions and decimals). This is not what he is practicing in the math book. I feel bad making him do them! Dang you math for being so easy to test that we are forced to make you more important than you truly are in real life! This is hard to avoid in homeschool too!

The boys did mostly literature reading during their independent work. I believe Tyler did some keyboarding practice and read in Life of Fred. Times Attack was completely during independent time too.

On Friday we just did Morning Basket and got some PE time in at the ice rink with some other homeschool friends.

We do have some school goals during Christmas break! Caleb will be forced to do some math lessons. We have a list of books I want to read aloud. And I will be making sure free reading happens during the day. This will be easy during the 12 days of Christmas since they boys are getting some books that were on their wishlist. Next week the boys will enjoy a week long class in Life Skills as we prepare the house for Christmas!  ; )

This Week in Learning will be back in four weeks!

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