Monday, December 8, 2014

Our First Week of Advent {2014}

December prayer table

Our first week of Advent was rather busy. Advent activities were short! I'm looking forward to a slower week two.

After mass, on Sunday, we put up all the Advent decorations. I'm hoping the stuff I bought will last forever and next year's Advent won't be as expensive.

I purchased two sets of Advent Candles to save from having to pay shipping on them next year. I like these candles. They seem to be burning faster than expected, but I think the problem is my wreath is covering up half the candle. I may have to use just the basic ring when the candles get too far down. I purchased a wreath from Hobby Lobby (when they were half off). I don't like it! It's a beautiful wreath but it's too big. I didn't like my non-traditional wreath last year (quality was poor) but it was small and easily fit. I've had to not put out other decorations to make room for the wreath. I may see if I can find something else for next year. The wreath would look nice on the front door with a bow.  ; )


I also purchased a set of Jesse Tree ornaments this year since the boys weren't interested in making their own. We've been adding the ornaments daily and reading a bible story to go along with the ornaments from Read-Aloud Book of Bible Stories. I purchased a tree from Hobby Lobby, on sale too. It's is not what I thought I wanted to get, but the smaller trees just wouldn't have held all the ornaments. I wasn't planning on a lighted tree either but that is what I came home with and I've been happy with it. I would like to find a small piece of fabric to wrap the stand. I don't want to purchase anything so my eyes have been open to see what I can find in the house. Nothing yet! I would like to add the O Antiphons ornaments to our collection next year. I've decided to leave it out all of Christmas (last year the Jesse Tree was put away after Christmas Day) and hoping to add the 12 Days of Christmas ornaments that I put on Christmas list. I may move it to another location since the Christmas Tree will go up very near it.

I purchased the boys the Lego City Advent Calendar (back in October when it was only $25 from Amazon-our local Target had them for $30). They are enjoying that this year!

St. Nicholas came for a visit on Friday night and the boys woke to some candy, books, thinking putty, and new slippers for Caleb (he outgrew his size 9 that he got last year, he got size 12 this year and I hope his feet don't grow anymore!) and a a Tinker-Box subscription for Tyler (this was a joint gift as another relative went in on the subscription). I didn't get any pictures since St. Nicholas came and went in a rush since I had to go help at a scout lock-in that evening. Tyler was already up and stocking emptied (and new book read) by the time Caleb and I got home at 7am on Saturday. Tyler received The Christmas Cat (which he loved) and Caleb received Shooting at the Stars (which he liked).

The boys decorated St. Nicholas sugar cookies on Saturday. I was very happy that I baked them on Friday afternoon as my brain was not functioning after staying up all night! And yes, the icing turned out pink. Most likely from my lack of kitchen skill rather than no sleep!

Advent books awaiting!

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