Tuesday, December 23, 2014

As Advent Comes to an End . . . .

Life has been slightly out of the ordinary here at the pumpkin patch. 

Our world was completely changed when we welcomed a new puppy, Lucy (she arrived at our house on the feast of St. Lucy.

We finished decorating the house on Gaudete Sunday.

Our most wonderful cat, Zebra, had a run in with a car and the car won. We had very sad boys (and mom) last week! Our hamster, Hammy, past away too earlier in December. It's been a tough month for pets around here. I had to put this picture of Zee Bee on my laptop desktop to be able to see him throughout the day. He is much missed!

Most Advent activities did not happen last week due to the death in the family. Finally, by Friday we were ready to get out and go ice skating with friends. We did read some books and watched a few Christmas movies. I think our favorite was A Muppet Christmas Carol (Netflix).

We typically celebrate Christmas with my parents and brother and his family the weekend before Christmas but that has been delayed until next weekend as my brother's family were all sick. 

I'm running behind on my project to-do list while on Christmas break. It seems like the everyday chores are over taking my day. I need to work on this!


Yes, thank you very much and I did! I certainly enjoyed the box my Land's End order arrived in. I was really happy with everything I purchased too! Nothing had to be returned. My closet is slowly being filled. I haven't done any major clothes shopping for myself in years and I came to a point that I was washing twice a week because I didn't have enough clothes to make it through the week. The only thing still on my list is dress pants.

We are certainly ready for some Christmas celebrations here and are counting down the hours!

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