Sunday, December 14, 2014

Our Second Week of Advent {2014}

We started the week off by putting out some outdoor decorations . . . . very simple seems to be our style.

The boys decorated their rooms with Christmas trees and other decoration.

We keep adding to the Jesse Tree and reading bible stories to go with the ornaments. We had to double up two days as it was forgotten the day before.

I finalized the Christmas menu and Christmas celebrations. My parents have Christmas the weekend before Christmas. We celebrate with Scott's family on Christmas Eve and sneak in Mass that evening too. We spend Christmas Day at home. I don't enjoy cooking so I planned a simple day at home. For breakfast we will have cinnamon rolls, eggs, and bacon. I planned simple snack food to have throughout the day (taco dip, veggie tray, meat and cheese, and something sweet). Dinner will be an easy taco soup that will just be thrown into the slow cooker to let it take care of itself. I will do all the prep work on Christmas Eve.

Gifts are almost done. I just have a few last minute things to pick up at Target next week and one more order at Amazon to get the last couple of books needed for the 12 days of Christmas gifts. It looks like Amazon has a 25% off coupon so I will probably do that order today before it expires.

Advent is about preparing and material wise we are about done. Mentally there is still more work to be done!

Books we read this week:
-continued in A Christmas Carol and Letters From Father Christmas

-Saint Frances and the Christmas Donkey by Byrd
-Christmas at Long Pond by William George
-The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree by Gloria Houston
-Our Lady of Guadalupe by Carmen Bernier-Grand
-Lucia Saint of Light by Katherine Bolger Hyde
-Listened to Glory Stories Fresh Flowers in Winter: The Story of St. Juan Diego 

This week's school adventures can be found here.

We started our annual Christmas puzzle this week. I chose this nativity one after seeing it mentioned by Jessica at Shower of Roses. It's been a while since I had to purchase one new. We usually find them at garage sales. (I didn't get out garage selling much this year.) I admit that this puzzle is a little difficult due to the fact that their is so much color. Looking into the box for pieces overwhelms the brain.

The boys finished off the second week of Advent with a 5K run (fundraiser for the local FFA chapter at the high school) and our town Christmas parade. Tyler rode in a float with his cub scout pack and Caleb marched with his boy scout troop. Tyler got to rest at home afterwards but Caleb went to help a fellow scout with his Eagle project. Both boys had to serve at a wedding in the afternoon. We also had a family birthday party to attend. 

We also welcomed a new member to the family. Her name is Lucy, since we got her on St. Lucy's day. 


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