Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pretty Happy Funny Real {October 30, 2014}

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Today's Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real comes from our trip to the farm last Friday. The boys were wanting to pick up the last of the walnuts and I wanted to walk that trail that has been calling my name. Besides walnuts, Caleb picked up Poison Ivy and somehow got it all over his face.

Locked out! We got to the family farm and realized we forgot the key. We drove the truck, to collect walnuts, and the key was in the car. Thankfully we are less than fifteen minutes away and the drive was beautiful with all the colors of autumn.

The boys climbed the gate and decided to play in the creek and woods while I drove back. Tyler found this interesting rock that had to come home with us. I didn't get a good picture of the rock but it was really interesting.

 On the quick walk on the trail I've been wanting to visit, we found many treats along the walk. Coral Berry was everywhere! The fruit color was magnificent. 

This small Oak tree was loaded with acorns. They were small but in prolific bunches.

We came along this Dogwood tree and were amazed by the leave and seed color.

All the Golden Rod had turned to seed which was a fluffy site.

My dad's deer stand is on this trail and Tyler wanted his picture taken in it. It should be noted that this was the only picture he wanted to take that day. 

Just a little love shared among brothers. I just wanted some pictures in front of my favorite tree.


  1. Caleb's shooting up so quickly!

    1. Oh, I know! And he is only two inches shorter than me at the moment.


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