Friday, October 31, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday {October 31, 2014}

1) I feel like such a failure with the the triduum celebration of the weekend. Tyler is trick or treating tonight for All Hallows' Eve, I made no plans for All Saint's Day, and nothing special for All Soul's Day either. I decided not to make any plans since we are all ready booked for Saturday. I'll try to do better next year!

2) Tyler picked the ugliest costume ever! I had him hold the cat to try and make it look cute.  The cat was asleep though and had no idea what was going on. I call it "Sasquatch finds dinner".

3) I told Scott he needed to learn how to cut the boys' hair since it is a struggle to make arrangements with those who have offered to give them free cuts. Scott did buy clippers but I was surprised when he wanted me to do it! Ha! Ok, I did end up cutting Scott's hair and I guess it went fine.

4) See that pine tree in the above pictures? It is coming down. We planted it for privacy when we moved here 15 years ago. It was 5 feet tall and is now taller than the house even with the main trunk being broke off in an ice storm a few years ago. It has outgrown it's spot. It's my favorite tree and I will miss it! It was windy today and every time the back door was opened I could hear the beautiful sound it makes when the wind blows through it!

5) I'm scrapbooking tomorrow! I haven't touched my stuff since July? and I sure hope I have some pictures in my bag! I'm thinking about selling all my card making stuff tomorrow too. They have a "garage sale" table. I've been thinking about this for some time. Must decide by morning!

6) I really need to get busy and do some Advent planning! Otherwise it will turn out like this weekend. I would like to find a couple new books. Any suggestions?

7) Here are a few pictures at the second to last cross country meet from last week. Tyler is the one with red shorts. Which worked well in picking him out in the crowd. Except for the last meet when it seemed like a quarter of the boys had red shorts on! Tyler finishes in the middle of the pack but as you can see from picture #4 he starts at the end. He passes a lot of people!

Caleb is in the middle of the picture (about the third from the right) wearing a gray shirt.

Tyler at the finish line.

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  1. Encouraging you to watch a few youtubes to help with hair cutting
    Sadly our annual fun run which should be tomorrow is no longer:(
    Advent planning!! Too soon! what sort of books are you after?

    1. I have a whole list on Amazon of Advent books that I put there last year since I wanted more than I could buy. I'm looking at that list now and wondering why I had them on my list. I really need to find all our books and see what we have. I was scrapbooking yesterday and saw books in the pictures that I didn't remember having . . . . I'm not sure where they have gone.


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