Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pretty Happy Funny Real {February 12, 2015}

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Last Saturday at the family farm. 
The temperature hit almost 70! We spent the afternoon playing at the farm. Short sleeves too! 

Lucy has learned to sit still while driving. She isn't a fan of driving though and doesn't pick to get in the vehicle on her own.

Walking around the lake is always an adventure. Never know what you will find. We found a dead deer (picture will be below, not graphic) and some ice (even though it was very warm for February).

The sun shimmering off the lake!

I'm a big fan of tall grasses. I know the picture isn't exciting but they are a favorite for me. I love the colors.

I know! Who puts a picture of dead deer on their blog? Well, it was a nature study discovery and isn't gross looking.  ; ) This deer was very camouflaged laying in the tall grass next to the lake (Scott walked right past it but Tyler noticed it).

Someone has been letting Lucy sit in the recliner with them and now she expects to sit in it. Even though the pictures show Tyler, it was Caleb who is the guilty party! Tyler had no choice in the matter as Lucy was determined to join him!

Spoiled! Of course, she will out grown this very soon. I hope she realizes that!

  Scott gave me a new camera for Christmas (we don't normally exchange gifts but I talked him into it)!  I have yet to read the manual and figure it out. Just been using the auto mode. It has a 42X optical zoom on it though. I think it's pretty amazing! It was affordable too. First picture is taken of the boys who are across the lake (about the middle-yellow dot is Tyler). I zoomed in on the second picture so you could actually see them. And it's clear! 

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  1. great the one with the light reflecting off the water. My husband and I bought a camera in the fall to take senior pictures of our son. It is also 42x zoom a Nikon. I am loving the zoom much improvement over my point and shoot 5x zoom. So far I mostly do auto mode. The manual is online which makes it difficult to use since I can't print it out on my ancient computer. Have fun with your camera and keep posting pictures and any photo tips you learn!


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