Friday, November 21, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday {November 21, 2014}

1) I wasn't able to get the Learning Notes up last week. I put it off and then by Sunday I couldn't think of anything besides what was written in the lesson planner. I'm working on this weeks though and will have that up this weekend.

2)We have always taken Thanksgiving week off. I had decided to do three days of school this year . . . . it's not looking like that will happen. It's time for a break! I thought it wouldn't be a problem since we are only doing two weeks of school in December but I'm right at the point that if I continue it will be regretted. My fellow homeschooling moms will understand this. I'll have to rework the schedule but I think I can easily had three days to the end of the school year.

3) I was able to purchase everything needed for Advent last week. I got a new wreath, candles, a couple new books, and a tree to use for a Jesse Tree. I will be working on making plans next week and I'm sure they will be similiar to our plans from last year. I'm glad I recorded what we did last year as it will make this year much easier.

4) Christmas shopping has started. I've had a few things saved back from earlier this year. I've been finalizing our list and making shopping plans. Today I purchased some stuff online. I'm hoping to be finished in the first week of December. I still need to finalize the list of books I need to purchase for the 12 Days of Christmas. I had a gift picked out for someone that I decided not to get because of the price (no details so I don't ruin any Christmas surprises)but I went to check that aisle in Target this week since I hadn't viewed the ad (just in case it was on sale) and it was on sale! Not a weekly-ad sale but just a special price cut of $15 which made it reasonable. Actually, a great find since I had a $10 off coupon too! Love Target!

5)Caleb earned his Star Scout rank earlier this fall and he got his patch a few weeks ago during our Troop Court of Honor. He plans to get his Eagle and so far it looks like that goal is on track.

6) Plans for next week? I have some cleaning projects to get done before decorating for Advent. I need to plan our last two weeks of school for the calendar year. I need to make our Advent plans including activities and cleaning routine (I always do deep cleaning projects during Advent).

7) It's been deer season here. Both the boys got a deer during youth season. We then got a new freezer! We had this purchased planned for a while now. I lost the freezer for food storage about five years ago when Scott decided to do taxidermy work. I'm glad to not have to think about how much freezer space we have when I go grocery shopping. Scott got a deer too but we did give the meat away on his. (warning-blood in the pictures! Stop reading here if you will be bothered.)


  1. re 1- that's why I haven't written any learning notes for 3 weeks!
    a good clean before Christmas always makes mummas happy:)

    1. Erin, I enjoy reading your learning notes! I got mine done for the week. I challenge you to get yours done. ; )


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